The Small Stuff….

18 PAX took the DRP, answered the call this morning and got better because of it.  

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Mel, MadBum, Aruba, Snuggles!, Wrangler, Josey, Scout, Flying Tomato, FroYo, Guinness, Vault, Captain D, Dockers, McFly, Sprocket, Quatro and Wrangler.

Warm Up: SSH, Windmills and Cotton Pickers a partial loop around the AO en route to the Thang.

THE THANG: Partner up. There were 7 exercises. We (each person) did 100 reps OYO of each exercise. No, not 100 between the partners – 100 reps for everyone. After each exercise the pax “sprinted” 100 yards to the other end of the football field (Hey there aren’t goal posts anymore). At the end of the field the pax did the next 100 reps. And so it goes.. If you add that up that’s a total of 1400 reps and 1400 yards for each team. Each person was responsible for all 100 reps of each exercise, as partners you each suffered alongside, encouraged and ran with one another. The exercises were: 

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Mountain Climbers (count 1 leg)
  • Flutter kicks (count 1 leg
  • The 100
  • The pax who were finished did some WWII situps as encouragement to those finishing The 100.

The pax mosey’d back down to the Broad Street wall, picking up the six a few times. At the wall we accomplished 100 (50 IC) LBDs and 20 Hungarian Lunges. Moved to the courts for some Long Slow Flutters – which according to Scout takes longer if you have three legs (UGH) and finished it all off with everyone’s fave, 15 Burpees.


  • Next Monday, 6 May, McFly is doing a soft launch for an evening Q at Camelot. It begins at 7:00pm, that’s in the evening or 1900 hours for those who use the 24-hour clock.
  • Shout out to Snuggles! So glad you dropped back in on us….I mean who doesn’t like Snuggles!
  • Shout out to Wrangler as well. Great to see you in the gloom again my friend.

Prayer requests:  The prayers of the Sandhills Pax go out to Aruba’s friend who’s M just passed suddenly as well as Nitro’s mom. Both of these ladies were someone’s mate – confidant – friend – encourager – wisdom teacher – soft spot and so, so much more. It is, once again men, a reminder we are gifted this breath we have. These breaths we are given are not a guarantee and we know not which comes first; the dawn or our last breath. Tell your wive’s, your mom’s you love them… it today!

MOLESKINE:  Bear with YHC gentlemen, it’s gonna take a minute to get to the point and I’ll get there!

My M (Kathryn) and I were camping, enjoying nature on a hike in western NC a couple weeks ago.  As we walked, mostly in silence, my focus went from the forest’s overstory to the understory, to the bushes and finally landed on the various blades of grasses that were along the trail.  I chuckled at a memory that bubbled up from Tom Brown’s School of Survival which I had attended about a hundred years ago.

The Reconnaissance (Recce) troop (not us above) was learning about tracking, looking for sign and checking what sign we were leaving for others to follow.  Our task?  To track field mice!  So, the eight of us were given our lanes and set to work looking for field mouse scat, the tiniest of trails, and signs of foraging.  For six straight hours we were nose down – ass up looking for the most miniscule things.  Laser focused on that which was on the ground right in front of us. Thank God for young backs and limber joints! ;-). At the end of six hours we were told to stand up out of the 3-4 foot grasses.  What we saw was astounding.

Signs of deer, squirrel, human, etc. jumped out to each of us.  It was SO obvious.  How could we have missed seeing thatbefore?  We were so laser focused on the smallest of details that we missed the broad picture.  

There’s no tracking without awareness.  What does that mean?  It means you have gotten too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole.  It means you don’t have someone watching your six.

Relationships are a lot like this too; we need boththe finite details and the bigger picture.  At work, we might focus on someone’s bad habit or weak area.  At home, we may hone in on our M’s faulty spot.  If we are not careful we can get stuck in the small stuff like a single bent blade of grass and miss the beauty of the complex scenery.

Stand up!!  Broaden your focus.

Partner up.  As one person is laser focused the other is looking out, looking over, watching the six. When we see the other stuck we can step in with love and provide another view point or question if they are on a false trail.  I pray they’d do the same for us when we get too focused on the small stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, the small stuff is extremely important.  We cannot dismiss it.  The culmination of all that small stuff that makes up the big stuff!

Have you (your wife, your friend, etc.) gotten stuck in the small stuff?  Maybe you are tracking something with laser like focus; an issue at work, or home, with a person, or a job opportunity, or a cure for a disease.  Do the hard work of getting into the details and don’t forget to stand up!  If you need a hand, reach out – we’re right here.


He who earnestly seeks good finds favor. ~Proverbs 11:27

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