The Real Thing

QIC: Dockers
Pax:  Everyone.  24 peeps in all! (I think):  T-Bone, Flying Tomato, back from the land of 10,000 lakes – Meatsweats, Rica, Squirrel, Josey, MadBum, Beano, Napalm, Captain D, Quatro, McFly, FroYo, Waldorf, Wrangler, Scout, Roadhouse, Poacher, Jeb, Magic, Fix It Felix, Berry, and a player to be named later.   So, there was one more person there…Beuler…Beuler…my sincere apologies for the person who was there and not listed in this list of peeps!  
Warmup:  Warm up lap, Good mornings, Merkins, Side Straddle Hops, Plank, Windmills.
Last man up run to the Train Station.  More Side Straddle Hops, slowed down mountain climbers, merkins, WW II sit ups, plank, squats.
Run to the SPFD:  Merkins, plank, side straddle hops, WWII sit-ups, burpees
Last man fun-run up Pennsylvania and back to the BB-court for Partner WW II sit-ups (aka Patty-cake). Quality time for Beano and Captain D
Finished it off with a bit of BroGa.
John Davis died today.  Who is John Davis?  He was the actual guy who sang some of Milli Vanilli songs when Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were lip-syncing.  Yes, I had to look up those two names.  Turns out they were a French/German duo – who knew?  
What I love about F3 is that we are real.  No faking.  No lip-syncing for this group.  (Yes, a lot of lip is given to one another which is a way we show love.)  We are real.  We need the F3 Sandhills Family to help us be real and hold us accountable in our Fo-realness.  No matter how flawed, funky, or….there is another word that begins with f, but I just can’t think of it right now.  (Waldorf, can you help me out?)   
So, thank you for your commitment to being real, helping me in my realness, and each one of you and those who love ya for being part of the F3 family. 
Love you peeps!

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