The Phenomenon of Spinach

14 PAX answered the call this morning for the games that has the SP tennis courts a-buzz with activities on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings if it is above 12 degrees Celsius.  

QIC: Dockers and Rubik

The Pax:  Josey, Skyhook, Vault, Scout, McFly, Neo, Caffy, Guiness, Aruba, FroYo, Sparky, And the man who would eat all the left over chocolate at the PUMC chocolate festival – Stryker.

Warm Up:  Box Trot  1 lap, Good Mornings, SSH,  Windmills, Merkins , and even with request for guidance from Caffy, the Q would have been doing a lot of merkins during the GoRuck due to the short term memory of not getting the order correct of starting the exercise.  Fortunately it was game day and one of the Q’s original Social Security’s team was there to help take care of him and the Pax. 

The Thang:  Spinach, named that because it deserves a better reputation. 

3 player’s per team – Positions include border patrol, second fiddle, dealer

Four teams with a couple rotating in during the morning 

Played on the pickle ball part of the tennis courts with a spike ball (mini volleyball)

Rotate positions each time your team wins the serve back

Play to 11 points and have to win by 2

An amazing volley occurred with Neo diving and dropping the ball right over the net

F3 still happening in this version:

1st game – you win a point  5 SSH, lose a point 2 burpees

2nd game win a point merkins – lose a point WWII sit-ups, and more stuff on second games. Seal claps, monkey humpers (never written that before, thank goodness this isn’t a work computer), etc…

Announcements: 100 MooreMen, Chocolate Festival

Prayer Requests: As long as there are humans, there will always be unmet human needs.  Uplift those in prayer who you know and don’t know who are poor in spirit, love, and life.  

Moleskin:  Mother Teresa once said “Be not afraid. God loves you & wants us to love one another as He loves us. As miserable, weak and sinful as we are, He loves us with an infinitely faithful love.”  

As I think about our mornings, the time F3 Quicksand hangs out, the relationships that are built, being all in on 3 of our 2.0’s game they created, you each have worked to love each other and me as He loves us.  That is F3 my brothers.  Love you peeps & am so grateful.  


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