The Meghan Trainor Trainer Returns!

7 pax met in the 30 degree weather this morning and a new Lexicon was created by Neo – the Moroccan Night Squats!

Pax:  Neo, Jeb, Poacher, Scout, Squirrel, FroYo, and Dockers with the Q

Warmup – around the block, arm circles, flapjack, and windmills and then to the tennis courts the joy began!

Quality Time Exercise Jams

“All about that Bass” – Squats – Burpees whenever you hear the word bass

We did suicides that were Iggy’s “Fancy”

Then, “If His Lips Were Moving”, we were doing Jumping Jacks unless we heard Lips and we did WW II situps.

Then, we thought Madbum may “Call me Maybe” plank – with hand release push ups each time we thought he call me maybe.

For those unmarried men in the pax, we “Dear Future Husband” Lunge Suicides

Then, I think We Are Alone LBCin’ until the chorus which Poacher knew well and then we’d  Burpee our way through the chorus.

“Ain’t Your Momma” – X&O’s – we love that!  And kisses too…

“No” – we did Stand Ups and Sit Downs.  Then, Squirrels Run the World by BeYonce.  We are so thankful she re-recorded the song for us and for Squirrel.

We knew this was trouble when it walked in – Bear Crawl Suicides

Then AJ and Ally were trying to convince the pax to Potential Break Up Song with the Q– jogging Suicides

Then, we had One Less Problem with Elbow Planks.

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne and Lil’ Mamma – this is where the birth of a new exercise began – Moroccan Night Squats – Neo’s past life as a disco champion in the early 90’s in the underground competitive disco circuit in Morocco led to something magically.  It cannot be described, only witnessed.

LBC and X&O’s that were Toxic. 

Finally, we did goofball suicides which caused concern but the beauty dance of that to “Me Too” was something to be seen. Jeb Looooved it. 

Announcements – picking up trash on 211 in an hour.

Prayer:  Dockers let us out.


Picking up trash today collectively took about 24 hours and it made me think about the work 13 people did cleaning up after others.  We’ve all done it.  We’ve all had people clean up after us.  So, let’s embrace hard things together by:

  • Honoring others by being willing to be in the clean up – physically, emotionally, project-wise, work-wise, relationship-wise, etc.
  • Being appreciative of others who help us clean up with us – physically, emotionally, project-wise, work-wise, relationship-wise, etc.
  • Being grateful of all those who have every cleaned up for us – physically, emotionally, project-wise, work-wise, relationship-wise, etc.

You all rock and thanks for helping clean up alongside of me, for me, and with me!

Love you F3 peeps! – Dockers







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