The Longest Day…..

The weather in the Gloom was a bit humid this fine 21st day of June and at 75 degrees a bit warm.   Today is the Summer Solstice.  The term “solstice” is derived from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere(to stand still), because the sun’s relative position in the sky at noon does not appear to change much during the solstice and its surrounding days. And so it began…..

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: FNG (Ahab), Vault, Batman, Chitwood, FroYo, Captain D, Baby Ruth, Guinness, Ostertag, Flying Tomato, Quatro, Kaffee, Colt, Waldorf, Dimples, Wrangler, Old School, and McFly


We began at the courts with SSH and Merkins.  Moved to the tracks and counted off into two groups.

Given most of the pax are in week 2 of BRR training and a play on Solstice (to stand still) YHC decided to throw in some hills to appear as to be standing still….Lord knows I run hills about that pace.

Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

Group 1 was instructed to jog down to the police station/sprint back (75% effort).  Group 2 did American Hammers; 1 minute hammers/30 seconds rest, 45 sec hammers/30 sec rest, and so on.  Once the groups were together we switched duties.

Now YHC did a lot of research on the best way to do hill training and my exhaustive efforts led to this routine:

Step 1 – Find A Hill                                                  CHECK

Step 2 – Go To The Hill And Get Ready        CHECK

Step 3 – Run up the hill                                    CHECK

The pax were instructed to jog down and run up at 75% of their max effort.

Step 4 – Cool Down

Group 1 headed back out to jog/sprint to Etalia Mosey, group 2 headed to the tennis courts

  • Court #1 – Walking Merkins
  • Court #2 – Aiken Legs – move to each “box” of the court per exercise
    • 20 Squats…………………….……Doubles alley
    • 26 Lunges (13 ea leg)……….Left service box
    • 20 Squats……………………….…No mans land
    • 20 Lunges (13 ea leg)………Right service box
    • 20 Squats……………………….….Right side doubles alley
  • Court #3 – Walking Merkins

While Group 2 was jogging/sprinting from Etalia Group 1 finished up at the courts and we met back at the wall for partner assisted heel raises.  YES, this is a thing.  While some of the Pax aren’t as comfortable in their man-hood as others most saddled up and did 20 OYO partner assisted calf raises.

From the Army Field Manual (FM) 21-20.  So I found out this FM is obsolete as of October 2012 however it had some good exercises in it.

As the pax were flawlessly performing the Heel Raise a car full of men drove by.

YHC was sure they will be back to join F3 after seeing some of the amazing exercises we do.  Mosey to the basketball courts for 50 IC LBC’s and Long Slow Flutter’s before Captain’s abs started cramping up.

Great job to all who ran the hills today!!



For those of you with kids I hope this helps.  For those without kids I hope you can read this and see the important role you play with those around you.  I’m not offering theanswer, this is not “the way”, it IS bearing my soul to some of what I (we) went through and to let you know if/when something like this comes your way with your children you are not alone.

I love my kids!  Most of their lives I have enjoyed them and rest assured our kids are ordinary and act like total fools sometimes. Throughout the teen years we endured rebellions, academic catastrophes, and snotty-moody-fresh mouths.  Being a parent of a teen(s) was hard.  Being a dad with an ex on the “other side” and a new bride on “this side” made it even harder.  There are no kids (or their parents) that are perfect.  Not every moment is a pleasure, no matter the growth stage.  I’d challenge someone to disagree.

It seemed to us that the world was imploding. Our kids, thankfully not both simultaneously, were in crisis.   There were girls, boys, cars, grades, drama-drama, addiction, self-harm, and we suffered alone alongside our teens that were self-destructing.  Honestly, we realize now that most of the time we were oblivious to the severity of what they were going through.  Some of that was by their design (“hey, lets hide this”), some of it was from true ignorance or disbelief, and some was heralded by the mere eight miles that separated the two homes.  Back then we were newlyweds without true friends to open up to and a faith that wasn’t strong enough for us to know we could lean heavy on the Lord.  We were hiding the faults of our kids and showing the world “all is fine.”  What a lie…..       We were in some deep trenches battling for our kids health, spiritual growth, education, even their lives. For the most part we isolated.  Why?  Maybe so we wouldn’t be an easy target for judgment or shame.  We were afraid, embarrassed and too damn exhausted to reach out. We wondered if others were thinking, “What did you do wrong? What didn’t you do right?”. And all this was BEFORE either of the kids upped the anty and got into things we REALLY didn’t understand and were wholly unprepared to deal with.

Overall, it got much better for our mixed family (and I ain’t saying it was all rosy) when we: (1) came together as husband and wife to be united, (2) leaned, prayed, dumped all our crapat the foot of the cross!  (3) realized our “angels”, these youngsters, were whole human beings and were making choices that, sometimes, we could not prevent, oh but how we fought mightily to prevent them!

Why am I posting this to the F3 Pax?  Most, if not all, have kids. And while I pray you won’t experience what we did, some of you will, or perhaps are.  If one of the kids suffered from kidney failure we would have likely had the greatest support network and all the earth would have rallied to our side to fight for his/her wholeness. That didn’t happen, maybe we didn’t let it happen, and here we are.

We didn’t need a jury of peers; we needed a community of support!  If we live up to our credo as brothers we will turn toward, run toward, not away from the one who is in a knife fight.  We, as brothers, don’t know the answers and can’t tell each other what to do.  We CAN, however, encourage new perspectives, sit with one another in our deepest pain, and offer hope that God and a community of men will be there no matter what.  It took a while and a major life earthquake to have our prodigal daughter truly come home.  She found open arms and hearts that awaited her return.  Even though she doesn’t believe God’s grace and sovereignty, we do.  God is never done with us, parents or kids!