The Long Road

11 PAX took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it. 

The PAX:
    The Early
Birds: Colt & Dos Equis

    The Running Team: Fragile, Flying Tomato, Squirrel & Kaffee

    The Rucking Team: Captain D, Neo, Quatro, Chitwood & Zamboni

Warm Up: OYO

The Thang:  For the running crew today was a box-trot kinda day.  No sprints, no intervals, just logging miles.   For the Rucking crew it was up & down the stadium seats and laps around the track

Cooldown:  Imperial walkers, Hillbilly’s & Windmills


There are roads we travel as men that can be, may be…no they are difficult to walk.

These roads have obstacles arising either from issues others have created or problems we have created for ourselves. Sometimes we must endure their consequences for weeks, years or what seems like a lifetime!  

As we walk these challenging roads, with no announced distance and no announced end time, we may hear encouragement in the form of “trust God” or  “keep the faith.”   At times these words of encouragement can feel stock and trivial—at times you want to respond with a “f-off” or just move on because you’re so afraid that if you slow down you’ll get mired in the muck that is your long walk.

So what’s a HIM to do?  Drink more coffee….LOL

Seriously, tune out everything that doesn’t deserve to be heard and focus on everything that is worth your attention. What’s your concetrica look like?  What’s at the center of your bullseye that you’re putting your energy into?  God?  Wife?  Kids?  Work?  Are they in the right order? Are you sure?

Some humble advice when you are on the long walk:  Track the smallest blessing from your day, even if it was just the hot cup of coffee in your favorite mug.  Really, write it down.  It gives an opportunity to look back and see that (although you may feel physically and emotionally drained) God is lifting you up each day in big and small ways.


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