The Knot

Three whole Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.  

QIC: MadBum

The Pax: CPT D and Neo

The Scene: 28 degrees, so it’s cold   

The Thang:  And so it began.

Move to the dealers table and start drawing.


  • Big thanks to MadBum for stepping up and taking the Q at the last minute, while Squirrel awaits test results….no, not pregnancy tests, COVID tests
  • Q Source Zoom Call tomorrow, subject is Prayer with Poacher leading

MOLESKINE: (MadBum filled in for Squirrel on the beatdown….but I still had to get the Moleskine in)

This past weekend, well at least Friday night and Saturday something occurred that was out of the norm.  My M went to another state for an appointment.  That left me alone with the dog and my self-created chore list.  When I got home from work and did the mandatory dog walk, eat, work on an antique record player, sharpen knives, bury landscape light electric line…ok the last three weren’t mandatory…I found this on my pillow.

The knot.

My M and I were presented these two distinct ropes when we were married.  Then our pastor proceeded to tie a double-fisherman’s knot, also known as the true lovers knot.  It is the strongest knot there is; its bond will not break, becoming ever stronger under pressure. 

This symbolism of two ropes being joined in this way has aptly described our marriage.  Each rope represented us as individuals, with unique gifts we brought to the marriage. (She brought more).  Initially the knot was secure and strong.  However through life’s stresses and testing the knot and our marriage got stronger.  There were still spaces in our own lives, just like the spaces between the cords formed by the knot, just closer than before. 

We’ve held each other as individuals throughout our marriage all the while growing closer.  We’ve held one another with equal concern and shared respect all the while holding the other closer and closer to our hearts.  We’ve formed a bond that is an unbreakable unity.

Why the sapiness?  Cause I love my wife!!  Yes, we argue at times.  Yes, I say stupid things.  Yes, life has thrown some hard stuff our way and today we are tighter and closer than ever.

Tell your M you love her.  Don’t wait!  In person (the best), on the phone, in a text, write a letter….pick it out of the trash and give it to her again, just tell her.  And the next time you look into her eyes, tell her and really mean it…no side hugs, no over-the-shoulder-I’m-leaving-for-work “I love you” but a locked-eyes no-one-else-matters “I Love You.”




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