The cupcakes that saved a life

Five Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Otto (Fort Mill), Flying Tomato, Aruba, CPT D, and FroYo

                  Yeti Pax: McFly & Rip

The Scene: Some may say slightly humid, maybe even moist

The Thang:  Pair up and each team grabs a coupon.  

Each exercise is done with a coupon:

  • 100 Blockees
  • 200 Over Head Press’…block should clear chin
  • 300 Merkins (100 ea. Plyo / Standard / Derkin)
  • 400 Windshield Wipers
  • 500 Squats.

While Pax 1 is doing the exercise his partner is running the loop around the parking lot.

Announcements/Prayer requests: We asked the Lord to strengthen us today for we all could use a boost.  Prayers for ALL the men who couldn’t make it out into the Gloom today.

 FroYo lead us out in prayer


MOLESKINE:  The Cupcakes That Saved a Life

Someone recently asked YHC why I take the time to write the Moleskine’s for each Backblast.  I replied, “it’s a way to think things over and put to words that I can’t seem to find when I’m in front of someone during a conversation.”  Ruminating on those things that stick with me in a conversation that I’ve put a pin in to come back to.  Other times it is everyday things that inspire me (M2 machine guns, or Airborne jumps, or nature, or hiking).   You all have given me permission to write because of my trust in each one of you.  Trusting another person—much less a group —with your writing is practically sacred. Yes, I know everyone on the Internet can see the posts and I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Not too many outside our clan are looking at….shocking!  I do these BackBlasts for you, my tribe.

It was writing Backblasts that I became comfortable enough to submit an essay for the re-release of Freed To Lead this October. 

When YHC daughter heard that my essay was considered to be published she sent some cupcakes from C Cups to me.  So thoughtful, so sweet..I mean these things were Sa-wee-eet!  Me and the M immediately scarfed two down*  – Yummm 😉  Then the sugar crash.  When you don’t have much sugar in your diet one cupcake is a one way ticket to nap-town.  No, not Indianapolis*.  I mean hitting the approved, after-a-F3 beatdown nap.

We HAD to get these out of the house.  SO…12 (-2 down the gullet already), 10 (-4 to given to one neighbor), 6 (-2 damn these things are good), 4 (-4 given to another neighbor).

It was this last group of four cupcakes that saved a life. 

We are the young ones on our street.  Our neighbors are 86, 85, 78….you get the picture.  One of these spry gentlemen can’t bend to pick up his newspapers and for the past 18 months we have delivered his papers to a table we put on his porch.  I glanced over at 2pm and still saw the morning papers on the stand.  Weird.  I gathered my daughters last remaining cupcakes (before I shoved them in my mouth like the cookie monster) and shuttled them over to deliver them and check on him.  Knock, knock…nothing.  Ring-ring…nothing.  Peeking in the window and notice the screen room door open. Not normal.  I walked around the house to the back and find him on the floor covered in blood.  He was conscious so I told him I’d be right in after I ran to get the key.  Assessing the situation, falling back on rudimentary level medic training I was able to stop some bleeding, reassure him and get the ambulance en route. Once the pro’s arrived he was taken to the hospital, shaken up but no immediately seen prolonged injuries.

Writing Backblasts – cupcakes – sharing with others….yeah, all these things can save lives.

I’d challenge you to find your tribe, even if it’s a tribe of one. Send out that smoke signal. Put that message in the bottle. Give some cupcakes.  Find your kindred and reach out to them. Tell the things that need to be told.  Find someone to share the stories that hurts to tell or hear.  Be that support for others.  They need you as much as you need them.

Because in the end we all…Get by with a little help from our friends.


*Editors notes:

  1. My M took the icing off and had a quarter and I had 1 3/4 + her icing
  2. Indiana mentioned in consecutive backblasts – this could be a new record


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