That Somebody….

Six Pax answered the call this morning and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Ostertag, Aruba, Striker, Neo, MadBum

Warm Up:  SSH, Arm circles, mosey around the AO

The Thang:

Sandbag Good Mornings

Farmer’s Carry Uhhh, frozen sandbags don’t carry well — they rip

Reverse Lunge

Farmers Carry Ostertag’s Sandbag

Forward Lunge

Since the Pax couldn’t work on grip strength via Farmer’s carry we hung on the swing structure for 20 seconds, rest, 10 seconds…..(a) we need to work on our grip strength, (b) metal is cold!, (c) we need to work on our grip strength


Slow mosey around the AO to the chagrin of MadBum who re-announced the no run “policy” at the Outpost

OH Press

Merkins (Left hand, Right Hand, Both Hands)

Bent Over Row

Curls for the girls

Carry the Girls back home

To the wall for 30 LBD’s, followed by Incline Merkins, 20 LBDs, Derkins, 20 LBDs and mosey to the field for….

Ranger Merkins, Wide-arm Merkins. The Q knew we had success when muscle failure was achieved!

WWII situps, Freddy Mercury, Long Slow Flutter and finishing off with SSH.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: F2 Luncheon tomorrow (Wed, 23 Jan) at 11:15am at Pinehurst Brewery

PRAYERS: Striker’s Grandmother’s church in the great state of Alabama in the town of Wetumpka was hit by a tornado and destroyed. Prayers of gratitude that no one was hurt and that the town is able to rally together to reconstruct the church….and in the meantime that all may find God in the relationships during the rebuilding. We also lift up Ostertag’s dear friend in prayer. Gotta give it to Ostertag…..that man knows how to pray!!

MOLESKINE:  “That Somebody”

Have you ever wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about “that?” You look around at everyone else not doing it, bitch, moan, complain…maybe even write an article in The Pilot’s Opinion section. Then you realize, YOU are, “That Somebody.” When I have been caught bitching and moaning an old mentor would tell me, “take effective action or completely let it go.”

YHC has danced the tango many times and shied away from being “That Somebody”. The voice of self-doubt would creep in, “you can’t do that” or “you’ve never done that” or “there are people so much more qualified.”  I could keep going and I won’t.  If you’re seeing something that isn’t being done the inner voice of doubt that is stopping you is stopping progress for everyone too.   

Remember, you are amazing! You are A-MA-ZING!  Everyone has a place that is important in this world, a gift to be given.  We are important, and we matter.  The father of lies sows his seeds of doubt we must shake it off!  Reminding ourselves to stay strong, don’t lose our sense of self and what is important.  We must not sit on the sidelines or be in judgement or throw stones, we need to be “That Somebody”.  

Don’t just wish – act!  Look around. Find that thing that you do which you lose yourself in, that doesn’t drain you. Could be, that if you find yourself drained at the end of the day from doing your job, you are not using the innate gift(s) you were given by God.

Find “the place God calls you to. The place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  — Frederick Buechner

And when you find it, stand up and be “That Somebody”!!

If we read the Bible aright, we read a book which teaches us to go forth and do the work of the Lord; to do the work of the Lord in the world as we find it; to try to make things better in this world, even if only a little better, because we have lived in it.  That kind of work can be done only by the man who is neither a weakling nor a coward.”  – Theodore Roosevelt


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