Tabata Bags and Blocks (10/1/19)

Pax: Aruba, McFly, Captain D, Flying Tomato, Froyo, Colt, Klinger, Rafiki, Scout, FNG Crazy Horse, FNG Scrooge

QIC: Neo

12 Pax came out this morning to improve on themselves.  Captain D and Scout tried to impress with wearing their rucks.

We started with some warm up: Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Merkins ( Scout regretted the 50#s in his ruck), and Mountain Climbers.

We then mosied over to the block and bag pile to grab out dates for later.  

In Camelot, we did 5 sets of 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats. 

Next came 3 sets : 10x IC calf raises and 10x IC LBDs

Next we took out dates out for Tabata (not to be confused with tapas).  We did 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest.  Exercises included bulgarian split squats while wearing a 30# ruck, arm curls, overhead press, bent over rows, derkins, step ups, WWII sit ups, and American hammers.

We carried our dates back home and had time for Roxanne. (merkins on “Roxanne” and plank jacks on “red light”)

Froyo was disappointed we did not have time for Sallie.  Luckily for him, I have the Q on Saturday.  Saturday will be a game day including a good work out, some ultimate frisbee, and Sallie.  Bring your 2.0’s.

Announcements: 1) First Friday beer pouring on 10/4—volunteers needed.  2) There’s this thing called Groruck that Captain D is pushing pretty hard.  FNG Scrooge hadn’t been out of his car for 15 seconds before Captain started selling it.

We were graced with 2 FNGs this morning!  Welcome Crazy Horse and Scrooge!

McFly led us out in prayer.




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