Thursday saw the return of a Q from a couple of years back: Super-Merk-a-Burp-a-listic-Crunch-a-Squat-a-DosX …

PAX: Vault, Guinness, FroYo, Sprocket, Capt. D, Dimples, Bilbo, Kaffee, Sparky, Wrangler, Quatro, Ostertag, Mel, Samsonite and visiting Pax Mulligan from Greensboro



Standard warmup lap and circled up at BBall court. Began with 20x Merkins, 10x Burpees, 20x LBCs, and 20x Squats.

Moseyed to train station for 10x Inclined Merkins / 10x Derkins, 10x 8 Count Burpees (confusion reigned amongst Pax members on this one – but Kaffee seemed to be the definitive 8 count info source) … and  20x Inclined WWII SitUps.

Short jaunt over to Sunrise lot for ascending Merkins Lader with Seal Clap series (as led by Sir Doctor Lord Reverend Sprocket III, Esquire), 20x Cliffhanger Situps on the edge of the stage, Amphibian Burpees – traveling uphill, and 20x One-Legged Squats.

Another short mosey to the playground for Mucho Chesto, Burp-Ups (pull-up bar at the end of the Burpee), 20x American Hammers, and 20x Copperhead / Tempo Squats.

Back to BBall courts for descending Merkin Ladder with Seal Clap series (Sprocket), Ascending Testicles, BTTW with song, Wall Sits with Sandhills Creed (Vault), and American Hammers (Wrangler). Capt questioned Wrangler’s toughness and he proceeded to beat us down with relentless Hammer sequence.

PAX did well and much joy abounded.  Guinness felt a bit gloomy in the Gloom today, as mighty England fell to Croatia in the World Cup yesterday.  To quote Sir Alec … “There’s always next time.”

Ended with Circle of Trust and BOM. Prayers for Capt’s sister as she undergoes surgery today.