Straight A’s – Nerds Rule!!!

Straight A’s / Nerds Rule!!! – all exercises begin with the letter A
 When: 05/09/18
 The PAX: Hammerhead, Mel, FroYo, Vault, McFly, Squirrel, Flying Tomato, Rip, Chitwood, Bullseye, Beast Mode, Neo, Scout, XX

16 nerdy but brilliant PAX showed up to for a #beatdown at The Outpost and demonstrated their ability to dominate PE, like they assuredly dominated in academics …
The Thang:
Counter-clockwise warm-up lap around the soccer field perimeter and then circled up behind the firehouse for COP.
COP: Amen Squats (hands clasped in prayer) x 15, Air Squared x 15, Ass Kickers x 20, Alternating shoulder taps x 20, Asylum get ups (like prisoner get ups but with both arms inside your shirt – like a straight jacket) x 10 … definite crowd-pleaser.
We then moseyed around the bend, in front of the clock tower and over to the field behind Graceland for Amphibian Burgess (a traveling burpee with frog hop in between). When we made it across the field we hit the short wall for: Alternating Step-Ups x 20 each leg. And over to the wall and columns for: Ascending Testicles followed by Australian Mountain Climbers. Our Ab series included: American Hammers as led by Hammerhead, Alphabet as led by actual middle schooler Beast Mode, Alfredo Mercuries as led by Neo, And Vaulty Flappy Arm Things as led by Vault.  A couple more Ab series were thrown in for good measure. Next, we took a short trip to the base of a nearby hill for a low-key warm down series called Agony and Anihiliation (when Hammer heard the name of the exercise series he said “What could possibly go wrong?”) So … we did two series of Apollo Creed Merkins (one each arm) as well as regular Merkins – with Aligator Crawl up and down the hill in between. The Aligator Crawl was like a bear crawl, but replicating the movement of a gator where diagonally opposite limbs move at the same time. Fun was had by all. We finally returned to the grass near the hockey rink for another round of Amen Squats, American Hammers, and the theme to American Hero (Superman). Chitwood led the Pax out with a great prayer.

Moleskin – all did well and survived the Straight A beat down. We were saddened to hear that Slater’s father passed away the day prior, and know he would appreciate a kind word from members of the Pax. Rest his soul.

See you next time in the gloom, and remember Nerds rule!!!