Stone Cold Workout

Date: 11/21/17

The PAX: Waldorf, Xbox, McFly, Dos Equis, Flying Tomato, Colt, Neo, Chitwood, Fro Yo, Scout, Sprocket, Huckleberry, Vault

QIC: Bourne

14 PAX showed up in the gloom at the Outpost and got better.

Warm Up – In keeping with the no-run status of the Outpost, we circled up in the parking lot and performed 12x IC GM, 12x IC CP, 15x IC AC/FJ, 20x SSH, 10x IC High Knees, and 10x IC Butt Kickers.

The Thang

The PAX power skipped (some fast-walked … *snicker*snicker*) over to the splash pad area and completed 12 minutes of accumulating suck in the form of 3 rounds of 4 exercises every minute on the minute (EMOM). The remainder of each minute was recovery. The movements were:

-20x OYO Bobby Hurley’s

-20x OYO 4-ct Flutter Kicks

-20x OYO Leg Lifts

-30 sec Handstand Hold against wall

Afterwards, the PAX moseyed to the rock pile and picked out their friend for the next 30 minutes not knowing what was coming … clearly, because several chose the equivalent of small boulders. The PAX split up with half at the soccer net, the other half near midfield, and proceeded to complete 11’s with merkins and supines. During the transition, the PAX waiter carried their stone, out with right arm, back with left.

With the remaining time, we circled up and performed 4 rounds of 4 different exercises with our stone, rotating one position to the right after each, leaving out stone behind and picking up our neighbor’s.

-10x Squats

-10x Overhead Press

-10x Bentover Row

-10x Curls


At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump looking for a ‘thank you’ (even if much deserved), YHC noted that not one burpee was executed during the workout. Pretty sure that’s the first time that’s ever happened with a workout YHC has crafted. But did anybody notice? Noooooooo. Did anybody thank the Q? Noooooooo. (Probably because no one dared mention the word ‘burpee’ for fear of modification to the workout). For some reason, the typical 100+ burpees would’ve generated all kinds of lewd comments. Somewhat like the comments made during the warmup that claimed high knees and butt kickers were indeed running. Erroneous! And Mad Bum wasn’t even present! Thought YHC was safe from running comments on this day. But when you’re surrounded by the peanut gallery, anything is possible.

Oh, and while the air temp was manageable, the rocks were f’ing cold. It might as well have been single digits out there with how numb YHC’s hands were by the end. Chalk it up to winter workout prep…

COT – Neo closed us out in prayer.

Good work, men. Aye!

Bourne sends.

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