As the pax gathered in the gloom on a cold morning again, the QIC wanted to give thanks for all who STEP UP on a regular basis….so we began STEPPIN’ UP!

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Aruba, Mad Bum, Hammerhead, Winchester, Bullseye, Beast Mode, Colt, Vault and Flying Tomato

 Warm Up:
Windmills               Imperial Storm Trooper         Arm Circles               Cotton pickers

25; 4-count American Hammers                                            25; LBC’s

The Pax went to pick up a dance partner (cinder block) for:

S – Squats

T – Tricep dips

E – Extensions (overhead tricep)

P – Push presses…which is a squat and push your partner upward Bum!

P – Push ups (Merkin)

I – Incline Merkins

N – Negative curls (1 count up, 3 count down)

U – Upright rows

P – Plate (i.e. Cinder Block) curls

  • First round – 10 reps each exercise, performed back-to-back, no rest


It was at this point that Flying Tomato threw his date down on the dance floor and broke her heart.  


  • Second round – 25 reps each, 10 seconds rest in-between each exercise
  • Third round – 10 reps each exercise 5 seconds rest in-between, plus
  • Right-arm block lawn mower x 20
  • Left-arm block lawn mower x 20

We decided to give our old ladies a break from dancing and picked up some younger, lighter dates, AKA bricks.

Round 1 – With a brick in each hand the pax performed; 20x Front shoulder raises, 20x Side shoulder raises, 20x Rear shoulder raises.  We followed this with a brick bear crawl.  Yes, with bricks in hand we bear crawled around the COT.  Once complete the pax then Frankenstein / zombie walked (picture arms straight out in front of you walking stiff legged) around the COT

Round 2 – Repeato

25; 2-count American Hammers…which turned into 4-count as the Vault (aka Pyle) couldn’t figure out how to sound off when the QIC performed a 2-count!

25; LBC’s

Continued Prayers for Aruba’s grandson who is to be released from the hospital today (yeah!!!), and for Grape Tomato (Flying Tomato’s new grandson) as he sees the world anew each day.

Special prayers for Vault’s family as they discern the difficult next steps in the care for his mom and dad. Vault – remember the Pax will be surrounding our loudest voice, our greatest cheerleader!  God is our refuge and strength, a VERY PRESENT HELP in trouble.  Psalm 46:1 

MOLESKINE:  YHC was honored by a few of the pax this past weekend as a guest on Who’s Line is It Anyway…no, maybe it was Twenty Questions.  Seriously, while we normally gather to chuckle, mumble-chatter, laugh and joke there are times when F3 turns serious.  The depth and breadth of you men amazes me each time we turn to scripture or dive deeper into our souls.  Thank you – all of you.