Squirrel’s Deck-O-Rama Debut

10PAX answered the call this morning, a little light for a Saturday and it is Memorial Day weekend.  Something was fluttering in the gloom today, much mumble-chatter about stealing signs and tires….the Pax must have known something was coming…..

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax:
Three Rivers, Samsonite, Tebow, Guinness, Scout, Neo, Goblin, McFly and Cannonball


Warm Up:
Jog around the AO, arm circles and flapjack.

The Thang: 

YHC had ordered the Deck-O-Rama from the F3 gear store, sadly it won’t be delivered until September….so I replicated one for the F3 Sandhills pax to enjoy while we wait.

The Q fanned out the cards and went around to one of the pax and asked them to pick a card, any card.  Q reads the exercise, performed a fantastic example then all pax did the exercise.  Repeato.

Goblin was the first pax to pick a card to which he said, “this is like playing Russian Roulette.”  YHC tends to agree with his statement.  There was only ONE card with Burpee’s on it.

While I’d like to say we made it through the deck, I’d be lying.  Several of the sprints turned into “sprints”.  Exercises chosen follows:

  • 18, Luge (not lunge)
  • 13, High slow flutters
  • 16, Jump Lunges
  • 20, Plank Jacks
  • 100, Side Straddle Hops (50 4-count)
  • 300 Meter Sprint

At one point Cannonball was telling McFly, “I love this life Dad, I loooove this life!”

  • 12, Bulgarian Split Squats
  • 25, LBD’s
  • 400 Meter Sprint

So we go from Cannonball loving life to McFly carrying him during this run.  Of course Cannonball is still loving this life and McFly was thinking, “of course you do I’m carrying you.”

  • 19, Slow squats
  • 17, Reverse lunges
  • 17, Derkins
  • Run Backwards for four blocks
  • 25, 4-count Amercian Hammers
  • Bear Crawl across the Farmers Market Field and back
  • 19, Ranger Merkins
  • 30 Seconds High Plank
  • 100, calf raises

About half way through Guinness is screaming, “I’m on burning here, someone call the fire brigade!”

  • 25, 4-count Mountain Climbers
  • 25, Jank Planks….QIC was getting tired….Plank Jacks

AND the WINNING CARD was chsen by none other than THREE RIVERS…..The Queen of Hearts, 25 Burpees which finished us all off.

Prayers and Announcements:

  1. Surround Guinness, his father and family as Pop’s awaits results from the doctors. We surround Guinness as friends, cause we can’t pick our family.
  2. Continued prayers for Tomato and fam!!
  3. 100 Moore Men – we are at 108 out of 100 men needed!!

With heavy arms, or weak shoulders we huddled around the COT and McFly prayed us out. 


Men, when was the first time you heard someone (especially your dad) say they were proud of you?  For some we can think waaaaay back and recall it – for others it may not have happened until recently.

As fathers we need to tell our 2.0’s we are proud of them when they do good.  Not only do our sons and daughters need to hear this, but God has allowed our paths to cross with the paths those of other men who have not heard these words spoken to them. God wants you to be His voice, His hands and feet, to encourage, inspire, and speak words of life to others. When the Spirit prompts you, listen and obey what He wants you to say and who He wants you to say it to.

You can have a profound impact on someone’s life by saying a few small words they need to hear.