Squirrel Resistance Exercises (SRX)

15 men gathered in the early morning Thanksgiving gloom to prepare for the feasts to come.  My apologies to all for the mis-timing of the beat down….I’ll do better next time!

PAX:  Vault, Mel, Hillbilly & Crotch Rocket (from Charlotte), McFly, Xbox, Flying Tomato, Colt, Baby Ruth, Dos Equis, Ostertag, Guiness, Noodles, Scout …and Squirrel

The Thang:

To burn off the one (1) piece of pie the BW boys did AT LEAST a  5k Turkey trot To burn off the stuffin’ — We started with an Indian Run around the Broads

STATION 1…. To work off the mashed potatoes — 10 One leg SRX squats – squat on your right leg, tensing your core to prevent wobble.  Fire upward.

& STATION 2 SRX Low Row – Lie under the straps & grab the handles.  Raise your body drawing the shoulder back.  Focus on the lats.

& (man mashed potatoes require a lot of working off) STATION 3 — 20 atomic merkins – Starting position is the merkin, with feet in the stirrups.  (1) down, touching the chest to the ground, (2) Up, (3) Row legs in toward the chest, (4) Push legs back to start position

SATION 4…to work off the sweet potatoes — 1 min. of Pike – Staring position is the merkin with both feet on the swings.  Tense the core, raise your butt while keeping your legs straight

& STATION 5 — 20 SRX Curls

STATION 6 — 20 (each leg) Reverse lunges

STATION 7 – Mucho Chesto

STATION 8….to work off the green bean casserole — 1 minute of GoofBalls

STATION 9….to work off the gravy — 20 Burpees…each jump up give Thanks for something or someone or pray for those who don’t have as much to be thankful for!

No family is perfect, not even Jesus’, so as we gather today with brothers, sisters, moms and dads, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles let us tell stories of happy times and tragedies. Let us each be fully present to those around us, listening….for it is the listening that grants the speaking. Let the recovery of our soul begin today as we take to heart our own families fate and folly and use this opportunity to find the raw material for our own soul work.