Squirrel just makes this up as he goes……

20 PAX answered the call this morning and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: FroYo, Von Trapp, Bowtie, Mad Bum, Josey, Wrangler, Dos Equis, Flying Tomato, Guinness, Ostertag, Vault, Sprocket, Mel, Scout, Quatro, Kaffee, McFly, Rip, and Breaker

Warm Up:
Mosey around the AO and back for a few SSH, Merkins and Monkey Humpers.

The Thang:   We paired off and did Dora 1-2-3.  100 – Merkins, 200 – Squats, 300 – Lunges.

While the 1’s were beginning the exercises the 2’s headed to (as Guinness said it), “Please not the Fire Station, please not the Fire Station” the Fire Station.  We made sure to pick up the six and switched out with the group at the courts.

The second round we just went to E-Talia and finished off Dora with Seal Clap Merkins.

The Pax moved to do wall sits with MadBum giving a Spanish 10 count, lower 6″ then Guinness did a 10 count, lower 6″ and finally Mel provided the 10 count to free the Pax.   By this time Rip figured out YHC was making the workout up as we went.

We ambled to the courts to do squats followed by Seal Clap Merkins, then to the wall for LBD’s, Incline Merkins, step ups and LBD’s. Squirrel broke the solemnity by slipping out a bit of mustard gas.  Sorry MadBum and McFly….not on purpose!



The below, in italics, is directly from the first quadrant in the F3 Q-Source. For those who haven’t stumbled upon it yet YHC suggests looking it over as there are many wisdom gems within.  Get Right is the first thing we must all do….look internally and fix ourselves so we can reflect the pure light God has placed in all of us.

“Fitness is a man’s Right relationship with himself, Fellowship is his Right relationship with the people with whom he is in Proximity and Faith is his Right relationship with the creator.

The order of the Get Right (1-Fitness, 2-Fellowship and 3-Faith) is prescriptive, not random. Although it might seem philosophically that Faith should come first and that Fellowship should precede Fitness, that just does not turn out to be true as a practical matter.

Why? Because men who have no self-control over what they eat or drink and the daily use to which they put their bodies become captive to their lack of physical fitness. Ultimately, that defines them, primarily in their own minds but also in the eyes of those around them.

Likewise, because Fellowship is about forging a healthy relationship with other people, it requires the Q to put the needs of others before himself. This is not the state of nature into which a man is born. A baby cannot even conceive of anything outside of himself, a boy puts himself first in all things and a teen is self-absorbed. Only in maturity does a man develop the discipline and desire to consistently promote the cause of his loved ones over his own and seek Preparedness. That is Right, the normal and upright position into which he is designed to grow. But he can’t do it if beset by gluttony and sloth. Those are jealous and all-consuming idols that will stunt his growth and keep him un-Right.

Finally, Faith requires a willing obedience to that which created us, which means that we place nothing before God. For the un-Fit man this is simply not possible. His lack of control over what he eats, drinks and does renders him captive to other forces. As with Fellowship, gluttony and sloth provide no space for anything else. They are all consuming.”

To be able to help others, a man must first help himself.   If I remember, in January, I’ll draw some linkages between Episode 5 and shooting.  

Link follows: Leadership Podcast – EPISODE 5 – CONCENTRICA, THE M, & LEGACY.


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