Squirrel ain’t playin’ with a full deck…..


13PAX answered the call this morning and got a lot better because of it.   Unlike the last Deck-O-Rama day there wasn’t as mumble-chatter, likely because Vault’s penalty for missing his last Q was, “no talking for the entire period at the Stronghold.”

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: McFly, Aruba, Vault, Hammerhead, Dos Equis, Chitwood, Waldorf, MadBum, Wrangler, Kaffee, CPT D, Ostertag and FroYo 

Warm Up:
Jog around the Broads and Good Mornings.

The Thang:  The Deck-O-Rama from the F3 gear store STILL isn’t here.  Rather than provide so many (52) options YHC decided to keep the exercises focused on the core (Pecs and Abs).

The Q fanned out the cards and went around to one of the pax and asked them to pick a card, any card.  Q reads the exercise, if needed performed an extraordinary example then all pax did the exercise. Repeato.

The pax, once again didn’t make it through the deck.  Matter of fact, there were many cards picked two to three times as the Q put them back in the deck (much to the Pax’s dismay) after the exercise. Exercises chosen follows:

  • 25, Shoulder Taps (pairs)
  • 100, Flutter kicks (50 4-count)
  • 14, Carolina Dry docks
  • 16, Wide-arm Merkins
  • 17, Derkins
  • 25, American Hammers IC
  • 13, Chuck Norris Merkins

  • 25, Shoulder Taps (pairs)
  • 17, Derkins
  • 100, Flutter kicks (50 4-count)
  • Run to the Fire station
  • Plank, then right hand high/flapjack
  • 20, Plank Jacks
  • Run back to the courts
  • 17, Derkins
  • 14, Carolina Dry docks
  • 15, Oblique Crunches
  • 25, Freddy Mercury’s
  • 16 – Wide-arm Merkins
  • High Plank for one minute
  • 20, Rosalita’s
  • 13, Chuck Norris Merkins
  • 25, American Hammers
  • 12, WWII Situps

And….Kaffee was able to talk CPT D into picking the bottom card which led to

  • 50 more…….Flutter kicks (25 4-count)

….but no, time for the BOM.

Prayers and Announcements:

  1. Beer pouring for 1stFriday coming, need 5 more men
  2. 100 Moore Men next week (5 June)
  3. Continued prayers for Tomato and fam!!
  4. Prayers for Sprocket and his family as they take time away to regroup/refresh
  5. Prayers for safe travels to all running this coming weekend

With heavy arms, or weak shoulders the BOM gathered ‘round the Vault who prayed us out. 


Who needs a vacation? Many of us have learned to identify the signs that we need to take one….Fartsacking, lack of creativity, the extra cup(s) of coffee, and on and on.

Before your vacation comes on this summer take time to decide what the vacation will look like, what youwill look like!  Most of us have taken vacations and come back needing a vacation as we put the pressure on ourselves to make it all about our family.  We transition from the busyness of every-day life to the busyness of organizing family activities, of making sure that every moment is special for the kids. To make special moments all about the kids is super….most of the time.

Your children may need a vacation, but YOU may need it more. You work harder than they do, have greater responsibilities, carry more stress (BTW, the last one is totally on you) and yes you have accumulated a lot more mileage….some more than others!

God did not apologize for resting on the seventh day of creation—the One who needed no rest took a day off to display a truth, to teach a lesson. Jesus did not apologize for escaping to the wilderness for times alone, even when there were a million-and-one great things he could have done back among the people.

Take your family vacation and maybe for the first two or even three or four days take time to be still. You will be there for your kids, you will be available, but make those precious days a deliberate focus to rest, relax, recharge.  And when you have come back to life, go and have a blast. I bet your kids will be just fine with this.