16 PAX set the alarm to get up and get better today (including 6 for the rerun at 4:40).

The PAX: Breaker, Josey, Bow Tie, Von Trapp, Vault, Sprocket, MadBum, Squirrel, Wranger, Ostertag, Sparky, Flying Tomato, Fro Yo, Aruba, and Guiness.

QIC: Waldorf

Warm up: lap around the block; 10 IC arm circles and flapjack; 90 second plank; cotton pickers, and some stretching.

The thang: headed to the wall and did 10 LBDs, followed by 10 step-ups each leg, 10 incline merkins, 20 OYO squats, and 10 derkins.

Mosey to the train station to find a comfortable piece of concrete to put your 6 on. Focus on core here – with no break. 40 4 count American Hammers, 25 4 count long slow flutters, and 25 LBCs.

Mosey down Broad street, and partner up for 10 pairs of patty cake merkins. Then keep the same partner for a dora series. One partner ran up the hill, while the other partner worked on the following, then swapped.

  1. 100 burpees
  2. 200 squats
  3. 300 lunges

Then, right at the close, we headed to the ParthaJohn for a wall sit while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and a 10 count by Sprocket.

Closed out, announcements and prayers.

Announcements: reminders for Weymouth, 100 Moore Men, and lunch on 23 Jan at Pinehurst Brewery.

Prayers: Sprocket’s mom (Elizabeth), Wrangler’s grandfather in law, and Poacher’s dad.

Great to be back men. Thanks for allowing me to lead.

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