Slow down to Accelerate

5 Pax posted for the Camelot Roundtable evening workout and got better


Splinter, Bilbo, Mountain King, Master Builder Vault


IC COP exercises: 20X SSH, 10X Good Evenings, 10X Windmills, 15X Grass Getters, 15X Arm Circles & Flapjack, 15X Imperial Walkers

Run Across the field and halfway back and circle up for 4 minutes of planking and broga

IC 20X WWII Situps and 10X Slow Merkins

Down to the flagpole and back at Boxtrot pace

2 minutes of planking, IC 20X LSF and 10X Carolina Dry Docs

Down to the flagpole and back at Boxtrot pace

2 minutes of planking, IC 20X Dollies and OYO Mini Chesto

Down to the flagpole and back at Boxtrot pace

Hit the wall for Peoples Chair with Sandhills Creed

Back to the field for two minutes of plank, IC 50X LBCs, 10X Knerkins

Down to the Flagpole and back at Boxtrot pace

2 minutes of planking into 20X Mountain Climbers


Splinter led the BOM out in prayer


Mark 4:19

But the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the desire for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.

The pace of the workout was purposefully deliberate this evening although no Pax felt it was easy.

YHC is acutely aware of how fast and busy life is right now as the end of another school year approaches and my M and I are pulled in three different directions on a nightly basis for school/rec. events for our 2.0’s and our own work and social commitments.  There is much to be celebrated in these activities as we see our children grow and develop, but there is also the accompanying stresses that leave us all a bit stretched thin with less time and patience for each other and those around us. 

As leaders in our community and families, we have to guard against the busyness of life taking precedence over our relationship with God, with our wives and children, with our F3 brothers, and with each soul we encounter on a daily basis.

After all, the reason for our existence and our highest calling is to be in relationship with God and with each other:

Matthew  27: 36-40

Teacher, what is the greatest commandment of the law? Jesus replied “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul and all your strength.  This is the first and the greatest commandment, and the second one is like it.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.”

YHC is incapable of doing this on my own and can only accomplish a modicum of this focus with the daily and weekly encouragement of my brothers–by posting for F3 workouts, lifting at Gym Beam, attending Bible studies, and having several quiet times a week to name a few.

Let’s all take some time this week to slow down and give thanks to God for his many blessings.  Let’s slow down and really listen to our wives, our children and those around us.  Let’s not let the world choke out the word and make us unfruitful during the close of another busy season.




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