Self Help (Cinder Blocks)

Seven Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Scout, Chitwood, MadBum, Flying Tomato, Aruba and FNG Jason Jerry (aka Napalm)

The Scene: Mid-50’s, another great morning to be out in the Gloom

The Thang:  Mosey over and pick up some coupons

1st round; 2 min of each exercise:

  • Mountain climbers — didn’t take long for the language of love to be spoken this morning
  • Squats
  • Coupon swing  (Taint Touches)
  • Move to shovel flag via:        Murder Bunny
  • Repeato and return to Start Point (SP)

2nd round; 2 min of:

  • Blockees
  • Cleans
  • Over Head Presses
  • Move to shovel flag via:            Rifle Carry
  • * Repeato and return to SP

Ran out of time so we did some Windshield wipers.  As Scout looks at me from time to time and says, “how much time do you think we have for these workouts?” 

Prayers and Announcements:  

Squirrel asks for prayers for his daughter Annina as she undergoes knee surgery Wednesday, Praises lifted up by Chitwood for his FOUR YEARS in F3 and five years since his mom’s kidney transplant.  God is Good!!

The BOM gathered ‘round and Chitwood prayed us out.



Next time you go to the Country Bookstore, Books A Million, the Roast Office or the library go check out the Help Others section.  Surely these establishments have located it near the self-help section. 

Can’t find it?  Hmmmm.


When I first heard this I felt a bit sad.  There’s no books or sections where we can find for information on helping others?  Gosh…what have we come to as a society.  Then I re-thought it.  Yeah, maybe there isn’t a Help Others section because we know what it is to help others – it’s in our bones.  We don’t have to have a book or some expert to tell us how ‘cause we already know it.  We just have to turn that into action.

“No Try – Do”

Biblically we can look to Acts 20:35 or Matthew 25:35-40 or 98 other verses about helping others

I see the Help Others through each of you; Chitwood, Striker, Magic & MadBum doing mission work a Habitat Build – FroYo, Hammerhead & CPT serving beers – Neo and Quatro doing Pro Bono work…there are so many more examples to list!  Often you do it behind the scenes, quietly, just so many ways within the pax of F3 Sandhills that I could fill up pages.  And it’s not just one person = one act!  Often that same one person is helping one person then the next hour/day/week helping another and another. 

Don’t tell folks to go to the book store and look for the Help Others section.  Just tell them to watch you and follow your example!



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