Seal clap merkin ladder

5 Pax posted in the cold rain at Paynehurst and got better

Pax – Hammerhead, Fro Yo, Quatro, Mad Bum, Vault

Thang –

warmup lap followed by IC COP exercises:

10X GM, 11X WM, 15X IW, 16X AC and Flapjack

we then moseyed down to Graceland for a sealclap/merkin ladder up to 15 and back down.

With a few minutes remaining, we hit the wall for People’s Chair with Sandhills Creed followed by 6 MOM: 20X Dollies, 20X Rosalitas, 20X FM, 50X LBCs

Mosey back to start for Countorama.  Fro Yo  led the  BOM out in prayer.

Moleskin – The Post Count goal of 300 certainly motivated YHC to post this morning as there is no way I would have signed up for the Q or posted had I not needed it to reach my goal.

Tclaps to Fro Yo for getting the most out of his 225 Merkins and to Mad Bum whose Fitbit registered at least 22 minutes of exercise.

Good work men!






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