Sandhills Gameday 10/5/19

Pax: Mr. T (Wilmington), Goblin, Vault, Brutus, Timberwolf, Scout, FNG Scott Martin (Roadhouse), Caveman, Gallaga, Striker, Kaffee, Sprocket

QIC: Neo

A lucky 13 came out to enjoy a wonderful break in the weather.

Warm up: Good mornings, cotton pickers, windmills, arm circles, mountain climbers, imperial walkers, hill billies. 

We did an Indian run to the football field for:

Scoring- team was rewarded with 10 merkins.  The scored-on- team was penalized with 10  breakdance merkins.

We saved enough time for a little dance party.

        Roxanne: merkins on “Roxanne”

                              plank jacks on “red light”

         Bring Sallie Up with squats

Scout led us out in prayer.

Great to have FNG Scott Martin with us this morning.  He will forever more be called Roadhouse.

Great to have a visiting Pax with us from Wilmington, Mr. T!




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