Salad Bowl Circuits and Trips Around the Pond


16 Pax posted on a humid May morning at the Stronghold and got better

Pax: Huckleberry, Baby Ruth, FroYo, Flying Tomato, McFly, Captain D, Colt, Hammerhead, Dos XX, Chitwood, Ostertag, Aruba, Wrangler, Samsonite, 2.0 FNG Tebow, Vault


Warmup lap followed by IC COP exercises:

25X SSH, 10X Windmills, 16X Arm Circles and Flapjack, 10X Merkins, 15X Squats, 20X AH, 20X LBC

We then hit the streets for a double apple sauce Indian run down to Calvary Christian.

3X Salad Bowl Circuits around the school with 1)Running backwards & Bear Crawl, 2) Karaoke Left and Karaoke Right, and 3) Sprint and Crab Walk.

Recovery run around the pond to the big wall for IC 12X IM, 12X LBD, 10X Derkins

Repeato recovery run to middle wall for IC 10X IM, 10X LBD, 8X Derkins,

Shortened recovery run to short wall for IC 8X IM, 8X LBD, 6X Derkins

Slow mosey back to start for COT exercises:

Plank, Brostertag, 20X AH, 20X LBC, Supermans


Great to see Baby Ruth back out in the gloom this morning.  Most of us would look out of shape if this had only been our 5th or 6th post of the year but Baby Ruth is made of stronger stuff than most, YHC included.  Welcome to FNG Tebow, 2.0 of Samsonite; a devoted Tar Heel who will be sure to remember his given name unless he wants to be renamed Grayson Allen.

Good work brothers!