7 PAX answered the call this morning, took the DRP, and got better because of it. 

QIC: Meat Sweats

The Pax: Josey, Skyhook, Aruba, Hammerhead (and Keegan), Flying Tomato, and Captain D.

The Thang: 

Ruck around the parking lot (the track is locked).

Imperial walkers, Hillbillies

Announcements:  This Saturday we are helping to plant a new F3 in Albemarle.  Meet at 5:30 AM at Camelot Park to get in the clown car(s).

Prayer Requests: Flying Tomato led us out in prayer and reminded us to lead by faith and not by fear.

The regular PFT crew was a no show, but we did have lots of ruckers.  Is it because of Covid19 or that I had the Q?

Thank you Skyhook for getting up early and “sharing” your ruck with me.  I may change my name for the next Q so Chitwood will show up.


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