Rough Edges

Seven Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Scout, CPT D, MadBum, Neo, Chitwood and Flying Tomato

The Scene: Chilly

  Ok, maybe that’s exaggerating a tad.

The Thang:  It’s Scout’s Fault!  And so it began.

Starting with the core

  • The 100
  • 10 Xs & Os
    • Rest 10 seconds. The pax looked strong, so we skipped the resting between exercises
  • 20 WWII Situps, In cadence (slow)
  • 30 Freddy Mercury’s In cadence
  • 40 Long slow Flutter In cadence
  • 40 Side leg raises (ea side) In cadence — Neo’s FAVORITE
  • 30 LBCs In Cadence
  • 20 Heels To Heaven In cadence
  • 10 Hello Dolly
  • The 100

Grab your coupon

  • 10 Coupon presses
  • 10 Curls
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Plyo Merkins (5 ea. side)
  • 10 Coupon Swings
  • 10 Reverse lunge (5 ea. side)

Rifle carry to Shovel Flag then a 200M sprint (to end of parking lot & back)

**REPEATO** x2 

The last round YHC thought it might be good to share the leadership and entertained suggestions from the peanut gallery on the exercises

  • 10 Coupon presses Skull crusher/tricep extensions (Scout)
  • 10 Curls 10 yard Murder Bunny’s (Chitwood)
  • 10 Squats  Genuflect (MadBum)
  • 10 Plyo Merkins (5 ea. side) Diamond Merkins (Neo)
  • 10 Coupon Swings
  • 10 Reverse lunge  Blockee’s — somehow that’s a lunge (CPT D)

Cool Down: Broga


  • Tomato leads Q Source Zoom Call tomorrow, subject is 2.0’s
  • Today is the day to vote.  If you didn’t vote early please get out and do so.  After voting look around for someone to be civil to.  Get Right – Live Right – Lead Right!

Flying Tomato lead us out in prayer

MOLESKINE: Rough Edges

Spoiler Alert:  I haven’t always been to nurturing, gentle soul you know today.

I have had (and still do have) some rough edges that are invisible to the naked-eye.  These edges seem to be the ones that require the most sanding.

God has been patiently sanding, working away the rough edges.  I have mellowed from the brash, cursing, hard drinking, tobacco chewin’ fool I was.  I look back and shake my head at the old me.  And in 30 years I’ll probably look back at the 53 year old me and shake my head.  If it were left to me I’d have taken out the 80 grit sandpaper and started in on those rough edges.  News flash….YHC isn’t so patient either.


God is good at smoothing the rough edges in just the right way. His steady persistent love produces results that humans couldn’t imagine.  There have been many times in my life that I have informed Him of “my way”.  “Come on, I say, this way will be great.”  I’m glad God has a sense of humor and plenty of patience!  His is the way that produces the smoothest results that last the longest. 

Sometimes in working on my rough edges I have had to take time to focus and learn.  Seeing the What’s and Who’s that are right in front of me.  You know who else has helped me?  You.  If you’re reading this you have been a part of my transformation.  Whether my Shield Lock or one of the pax…you are ALL my friends and have invested in me.  Maybe a passing comment or a deeper conversation, each one has kept my focus on Getting Right and Living Right.

And, in case you’ve a dread of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or that you can’t keep up in a fast-paced, competitive world so you Have to be rough…my friend, let’s remember together that He began a good work in us!  And He will carry it on to completion (Philippians 1:6). He will. In His time. With His resources. By His strength. Because of His mercy and love.


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