Rocking the wall!

Rocking the wall!
QIC: Colt
Pax: Breaker, Cap’n D, Chitwood, Flying Tomato, Mad Bum and myself(Colt)
This morning several men chose to get together in the gloom to get stronger physically.
A stroll around the track and back to the parking lot for warm ups consisting of
Good Mornings
Arm circles
Flap Jacks
Cotton Pickers
Goof Balls
Then up to the rock pile for us to choose a rock.
It was evident from some of the rocks that certain pax chose they were still
a little tired from Sprocket’s beat down the day before!
With our rocks we moved to the wall.
We did 6 sets of the following Alternating Roundabouts with Rock Squats!
Iron Mikes 20reps
Decline Merkins 10reps
Rock Curls 10reps
Mountain Climbers 30reps
Incline Merkins 10reps
Rock Overhead Presses 10reps
Roundabouts10/6/6reps 3 sets
Squats with rocks 20 reps 3sets
A roundabout consists of a forward lunge, side lunge and reverse lunge with each
leg for a 6 count exercise.
We did exchange rocks a few times so that we all got to play with the lighter rock that
one of us chose!  I will leave it open for speculation to who chose the lighter rock!
Mad Bum is leaving for vacation so keep him in your prayers for safe travel and such.
I was a little disappointed that no one from the last work out that I led at Paynehurst
showed up.
Flying Tomato led us out in prayer.
As I left the parking lot I was thankful for the brotherhood of F3.