Rock Party at the Outpost


cpt d, froyo, mad bum, chitwood, neo, dimples, Aruba, Scout, R.I.P.,

what awaited the pax at the outpost was somewhat known and yet unexpected. A paynehurst rock beatdown for the brave few that joined the fray.

Squirel not present???’!!!???


lap warm up as usual. Mad bum arrival after warmup as usual.

Typical easing Into things with hillbillies imperial walkers squats etc.etc. Etc in 15 counts

rock selection followed  then a stroll with said rock around the field to test the quality of the selection

curl squat press throws all the way to midfield got things going with divots and banter  cpt d and scout on the ends  froyo and team anchored the middle.

At midfield lbc 50 count happened then more throws to the end of the field.

curls and presses in 7 count cadence commenced with a rock rotation.  The girth of neos rock was felt by all and the dainty selection by another of the pax was also quickly discovered.

rock lunges back to midfield with more ab work and lunges to the finish.  Final work include rock presses on the back and rock lbc.

great work by all


pre 4th beatdown for sure with laughs hard work and accountability.  Any day begun in the brotherhood is sure to be a great day for the kingdom.   Special thanks to the bum for being the but of my jokes all morning and the motivation for becoming the better me in 2018.