Return of Abyss Merkins and Yellow Hammers

14 strong

Aruba, Bow tie, Breaker, Chitwood, Colt, Flying Tomato, Fragile, FroYo, Josey, Mad Bum, Ostertag, Rip, Q-Striker, VonTrapp

Warmup lap
10 ic Good mornings
10 ic imperial walkers
10 ic merkins
Arm circles

4 stations 4 groups
1 – 10 slow abyss merkins
2 – 10 step ups each leg
3 – 10 yellow hammers
4 – Squats until abyss merkins are done
3 rounds
Jog a lap
2 more rounds

To the hockey ring
Dora 1-2-3
100 – lunges each leg (travel across – bear crawl)
200 – merkins
300/until times up – Squats

Christmas party at MadBums – Dec 19 – find a way to be there!  It is a blast.  There is a lot to do this season.  Let’s keep the main thing the main thing! Our King, Immanuel!

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