Ranger PT….

Six Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Pax: Bow Tie, Meat sweats, Coobs, Witch Doctor, Chitwood & Squirrel

Warm Up:  Windmills, SSH, Down Dog, 10 Squats IC, Hamstring stretch


1 mile Box Trot at 10-12m/m

40 Merkins

Sprint 400M (1 lap)

30 Merkins

Sprint 400M (1 lap)

20 Merkins

Sprint 400M (1 lap)

10 Merkins

New concept:

40 WWII situps

Sprint 400M (1 lap)

30 WWII situps

Sprint 400M (1 lap)

20 WWII situps

Run 400M (1 lap)

10 WWII situps

*If you get done before everyone else run the bleachers then Pick up the Six

1/2 mile Box Trot at 10-12m/m

Cool Down: Hillbillies, Imperial walkers and stretching

Great work men!

Announcements:. BowTie has officially won the Dad of the year award!  Breathing life lessons into his daughter and letting her know how important we are to our Father.  WOW!

Second announcement ….. Witch Doctor sighting.   His first question was, “Where’s CPT D?  Doesn’t he ever come anymore?”


“Comparison is the thief of joy”

~ Teddy Roosevelt

On first blush, it may look like a statement about envy.  As I sat marveling, applauding some of the finest men I’ve known complete GrowRuck 17 I was also comparing myself to others who completed the event.

Ugh. I missed it.  The camaraderie. The shared suffering, the ability to tell stories of, “remember when….” 



Then Fragile said something at MOD that clicked.  “While the spirit is willing, I had to admit to myself I’m not 30.  That’s why I didn’t do it [GrowRuck].”  Thanks for that wisdom nugget Fragile!  In two days I’ll be 53.  I am now realizing the body needs a little extra attention.  Competing with the younger F3 guys, or worse the memory of my former self won’t serve. 



I am going to continue to accelerate my fitness and in order do that I’m setting new, age-adjusted goals and competing with myself, doing the best I can.  Because if we compare our fitness, our financial standing, our goals….. against someone else’s allow our joy to be stolen.  Actually, we’d be giving it away.

I may not be able to tell the tales of GrowRuck 17, unless it’s “Hey MadBum, remember when the guys hit that water event and it was, like, 40 and 40mph winds outside?  What’s that?  Oh yeah, it was a bit too warm in the truck then.” 

The camaraderie within F3 Sandhills is that shared suffering, shared laughter, shared life.   It’s a mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. That’s a pretty good explanation of what goes on within F3 Sandhills.

I hope you feel the same way, whether you were a GrowRuck finisher or not, ’cause you matter to me!


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