Pax:  sprocket, madbum, Mel, pillager,  cpt d., Scout, breaker, froyo, Aruba, colt, ostertag, dockers

sandbags in orange dominated the thang today. All grabbed a sandbag after the warmup lap. Then we were on patrol. A walk down to Graceland with deaths to madbum and dockers along the way. The man carry was a little painful for all involved. Kettle bell swings, curls, presses, burpees along the route.

Upon return to the parking lot alternating partner sprints with merkins lbcs and dry docks finished off the medley. Bags were replaces and a marathon lbc round finished us off.

Solid work this morning by all. Colt questioned our manhood during a madbum luv fest and brought it home with a manly prayer.


Happy thanksgiving week men. Priveledge to lead you this morning.

Cpt D

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