Pft Monday blast

Pax:  flying tomato, baby Ruth, Neo, cpt d, Samsonite, breaker, colt, Bourne, ostertag

QIC. Cpt d

thang: usual start with mucho chesto then warm up laps with high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, followed by the work. 1/2 lap full lap double lap intervals with appropriate activity in between in 50s. Ranger merkins, drydocks, flutter kicks, and Freddie mercuries.

Moleskin:  panda was still a primary discussion topic and we all were speechless that Samsonite has had to lead his branch through 4 armed robberies to date. #leadershipunderpreasure. Tomato complained only a little and Bourne ignored the primary pax to run his own route with colt.  We all got the work done and started our week in brotherhood led by Ostertag.  Good job men.