Old School

7 PAX stepped up to get better this morning.

PAX: Skyhook, Josey, Chitwood, Neo, Aruba, Captain D (No Colt??!)

QIC: FroYo

The Thang:

A short warmup led to each man grabbing a coupon (block or bag) and then a mosey over to the O.G. Paynehurst location with stops along good ol’ memory lane at the Fire Department, famous fire hydrant twins, and a field of epic proportions. A simple workout , but not without Captain D’s disdain for downhill crab walks, or Skyhooks grit to bear crawl up that same hill .

Ended with a modified COT that is Corona-sensitive, each man taking a knee to honor our maker. Reminder of no gatherings at SPUMC for QSource the next couple of weeks, but opportunities for breakfast and stretching abound.

Moleskin: I’ve heard it said that the “peace that surpasses all understanding” that Paul refers to (in his letter to the Phillipian believers) does not mean a having a sense of ease in a comfortable life. That would be a false pease fo sho! Indeed if it is anyone, it is certainly the follower of Jesus who is fully equipped to have peace in a world that is broken, fragmented and scared of what it faces. What is the calling of the Christian ? As it has always been, it is to be the light , the salt, the bringers of hope to those looking for something/someone they can trust.

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