No more dessert for me

Pax-  Xbox, Vault

Qic-  Mcfly

With  bellies full of turkey and possibly one to many desserts, Three pax gathered early on Saturday morning for a post Thanksgiving preQuel beatdown.

We started of with a light jog down to the train station and then began with

Warm up

  • 13x  goodmornings
  • 13x  cotton pickers
  • 13x arm circles/flapjack
  • 13x merkins


  • 5 burpees-10 lunges- 15 supines/ 3x with a lap around the block between
  • 5 squat jacks- 10 merkins- 15 lbc’s/ 3x with a lap around the block between
  • 5 iron mikes (jump lunges) -10carolina drydocks- 15 mountain climbers/ 3x with a lap around the block between
  • 5 high jumps-10 squats-15 amercan hammers/3x with a lap around the block between

next we circled up for some mary exercises

  • 13x rosalitas
  • 13x dollies
  • finished off with some broga


A great job done by all and a special thanks to x-box for the added push on all the laps around the station and thanks to vault for praying us out, but not without first reminding us of all the things we might take for granted in this life that we most certainly can be thankful for. For instance our wives and children and this brotherhood we call F3. But most of all for Christ and his sacrifice because without Him where would we be?

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