Eight pax gathered , amongst a near plethora of options , at the Stronghold for betterment.

Pax: Waldorf, mad bum, beano, scout, Josey, Samsonite, flying tomato

QIC: Froyo

The Thang:

Off to the movies, simulating the to and fro from the seats the concessions with a round of 11s, of Merkins and American hammers. Then began the traveling episode of the always popular, “Ñame that Flick.” A right answer gave either reprieve into a mosey or a mediated exercise. A wrong answer generated more of the same. There was a variety of right and wrong answers, but most notable was that Tomato scored the first right answer. What a surprise!

The following were the highlights:









Ended up with COT and Waldorf led is out in prayer .


9/11 memorial run on Saturday leaves from old Outpost (Rassie wicker).

Until next time, movie lovers.

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