Muscle Failure Exercise Routine (MF’er)

Great turnout this morning men!  Nineteen Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because of it.

The Pax: Squirrel, FNG Stephen Franken (aka Noonan), Saracen, Huckleberry, Scout, CPT D, Samsonite, Tebow, MadBum, Beano, Waldorf, Striker, Josey, Witch Doctor, Wrangler, Flying Tomato, Dockers and McFly

The Scene: It was mid-60’s, with a touch of humidity as Orion watched from above cheering us on…or laughing at us.

“I know you’re there, laughing at me”

Warm Up:  SSH, Side stretches, Grass getters and…trunk twist (which some of the Pax thought was quite seductive).

The Thang: 

Starting with the core

  • 10 Xs & Os
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • 20 WWII Situps, In cadence (slow)
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • 30 Freddy Mercury’s In cadence
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • 40 Long slow Flutter In cadence
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • 30 LBCs In Cadence
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • 20 Heels To Heaven In cadence
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • 10 Side leg raises (ea side) In cadence
    • Rest 20 seconds
  • The 100

To the wall

  • 20 Explosive Incline Merkins
    • Rest in up position 20 seconds
  • 20 Regular Merkin in cadence
    • Rest in up position 20 seconds
  • 20 Merkin on your knees in cadence
    • Rest in up position 20 seconds
  • Dips in cadence until first man fails
    • Rest 20 seconds


To the courts

  • Squat for 2 minutes
  • Monkey Humpers for 1 minute
  • Squats for 2 minutes
  • Lunge for 1 minute
  • Rest 20 seconds


Kick it to the curb for 100 calf raises

And to the court again for the Cool Down: Toe touches (not that anyone actually could touch their toes), Pigeon, Down Dog and the Million Dollar Stretch


  1. We welcome FNG Stephen Franken (aka Noonan) into the Circle of Trust (COT) this morning.  

  1. Last week for Give to Give to support the larger F3 Nation.  If F3 has done something for you, maybe you can do a little something for it!


Prayer requests: For Wranglers Grandmother who broke her leg and has had to have several pints of blood; for Hammerhead as he deals with hip issues (not due to Hip-Hop)

Dockers led us out in prayer


MOLESKINE:  My boss (could this be you?) was/is one hard-ass MF’er

Have you ever had one of those bosses that wasn’t the warm and fuzzy feel good boss?  The one that took you in as their protégé, rode you hard, critiqued your performance mercilessly, and made sure you knew when you made the slightest mistake.  Yeah, that one.  The one that gave you every reason in the world to hate them, except one: they believed in you.

For the “lucky” people who have worked for one of these MF’ers or Glorious bastards for a few years they likely made the difference between a middling career and one that has become spectacular.  For that, these bosses weren’t really MF’ers.  They were tough, sure.  Working for them was a challenge and they likely saw something in you that made them push you harder and farther than you would have gone by yourself.

When you have someone believe in you and push you beyond what you thought you could do it makes it hard for you to go back to being “ordinary.” Once you feel it, you can’t change it.

So what makes these MF’ers so glorious? (BTW, are you one?)  What sets them apart from plain old SOB’s?  They care about: success AND the one’s I hold up from my past realized that in order to be successful, they needed the very best people working beside them.  As a result, they taught winning principles and pushed me to ever-higher levels of performance.

Now working for these MF’er was probably like Hell Week for aspiring Navy Seals, or Beast Barracks for West Point graduates. It’s an initiation into a society of high-performers bonded by the intensity and pain of a shared experience. Is this sounding familiar to many of you?  All you High Impact Men (HIM’s)?  We might swear at the Q or the HIM under your breath—and Waldorf and Scout will even be vocal about it-but you will absolutely respect the HIM that is leading. And since that MF’er invested in you, cared about you…even in some sick way, you’ll thank your lucky stars you had the chance to work for them.

If you are “that guy” or “that boss” push you people past what they think they can do…and all the while keep the love for your fellow man/woman at the center of the push.  They’ll likely surprise you (and themselves) at what they can do!


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