Misty PFT

Pax: madbum, caffe, breaker, colt, Bourne, cpt d, Neo, flying tomato, squirel

qic: cpt d

thang:  mucho Cheeto starter follw d by 3 regular laps then high knee, butt kicker, karaoke warmups. The work start with half lap interval then full lap and double lap all out speeds. Single lap in the way back down. 50 lbc, hammer, squats, dry socks in between. Finished with quality brostertag stretching.

Moleskin:  great to have breaker out for his second morning  chatter was high and bums effort was minimal  Bourne marched to his own drummer as usual on Monday morning and squirrel kept the pax honest.  Tomato crop dusting would have won a sprocket poll for most discussed and we all had the best start one could ask for to the week in fellowship with brothers  good work men



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