MBA Hills

QIC – Quatro

The PAX – 16 Strong:  Vault, Flying Tomato, SPROCKET, Baby Falls, Aruba, Hammerhead, Huckleberry, Moneyball, FroYo, Sherpa, Sparky, Kaffee, McFly, Colt, MadBum, Quatro

Warm Up – Warm up run around the block, Good Mornings (7 slow IC), Cotton Pickers (12 IC), SSH (20 IC), Imperial Walkers (12 IC), one(1) OYO merkin so MadBum could get good and warm

The Thang – MBA HILLS:  Started up on Pennsylvania Hill one-half mile from the fire station.  Had 4 stations along the way, 25 reps of the exercise at each station, then run back up the hill.  Exercises were Merkins, Burpees, American Hammers.

All PAX got at least 2 down and back trips completed (that means all enjoyed the burpees!) and some got to enjoy some or most of all 3 trips.  Great work PAX.

Partners?  At the beginning of the work, I had us break up into partners.  After describing the workout, I heard someone ask “why do we need partners?”  True this specific exercise or workout didn’t mandate the use of a partner.  However, running up and down a hill and doing burpees stinks.  It stinks even more if you are by yourself.  These type of workouts spread the PAX out and the last thing any man at F3 should be doing is hard work all alone.  We are all each other’s partners in this thing called F3 and that camaraderie and support is part of our core.

Proverbs 27:17  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Prayers – Continued prayers for Kaffee’s wife;  good luck and safe travels to our Spartan men this coming weekend;  prayers for successful interviews for Moneyball

Till next time in the gloom…


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