Luck be a lady

A great group of men gave the middle finger to the snooze button this morning in order to get better.  The humidity even seemed to take the morning off – which was a nice change.

Q:  Waldorf

The PAX:  Sparky, Huckleberry, Dimples, T-Bone, Samsonite, Wrangler, Quatro, Squirrel, Guinness, Aruba, Rip, Uncle Jesses, Fro-Yo, Scout, Chitwood, Flying Tomato, Dos Equis, Neo, and MadBum.

We were all happy to see MadBum as he took a spill yesterday, and it was great to see him out.

Warm up:  A lap around the block, followed by:

  • 10 IC good mornings
  • 10 IC windmills
  • 10 IC arm circles and flap jack
  • 20 IC 4 count SSH

The Thang:

Jog over to the train station, where the dice was introduced, and a reminder of the INTEGRITY we promise at F3.  Random PAX members were chosen to offer up their favorite exercise, and their least favorite exercise.  The dice was then rolled; if the dice ended in an odd number, we did the least favorite exercise, if it was even, we did the favorite exercise.

Fro-Yo, Huckleberry, Squirrel, MadBum, Wrangler, and Scout all offered up options.  The exercises I remember include crab walks, burpees, Merkins, American hammers, partner push ups, and partner heel raises (SQUIRREL).

(Squirrel, I am not spending any more time on my work computer looking for the right image, but this one came up, and it might be preferable next time).

We  then jogged back to the basketball court to circle up for round 2.  YHC had recently purchased a running parachute to help with speed and strength.

(looked just like that)

Quatro started by hooking up the parachute and running to the end of the grass and back, while the PAX did exercises that were pulled out of a bag at random.

Exercises included:

  • LBCs
  • Long slow flutter
  • Burpees
  • Merkins
  • SSH
  • And a bunch of others, including some repeats.

After we went around the circle once, we counted off, and Wrangler prayed us out.

Announcements:  BRR planning lunch on Friday at Hickory Tavern.
Prayers:  continued prayers for Vault’s family, and Sparky’s wife for her upcoming surgery.

Special thanks to MadBum for gifting me my first F3 swag!  I appreciate it.

Closing thoughts:  I was so glad to see such a great turn out this morning.  Between my recent travels, and upcoming travels, I miss this group when I am not there.  I appreciate each and everyone of you.  I appreciate the time we spend together, the conversations we have, the jabs, the jokes, and the laughter.  Thank you all for what you give me – it is more than I could ever give back.