12 Pax answered the call this morning and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Fragile, FroYo, Vault, Aruba, Ostertag, Josey, Breaker, Scout, Bowtie., McFly and Klinger.

Warm Up:
SSH, Windmills, Good Mornings, Arm circles

The Thang:  To the rock pile!

OH Rock Press


Lumberjack Rock Press


OH Rock Press


Rock Lunge with twist


Rock Squat

Burpees!! 😉



Bent over row


OH Rock Press

OH Rock Squat

Merkins and to finish the rock workout off…..toss them back into the pile! Mosey to the wall for some LBDs, Incline Merkins, LBDs, Merkins, LBDs and step ups. Finally to close it all out the Pax amble to the field for some WWII sit-ups, Aquaman and Vault led the group in a rousing rendition of Superman.


Here. Now. What I hear:  the whisper of the wind through the pines.  The soft beep of the coffeemaker saying coffee’s ready! The think-tink of the rain on the chimney’s metal top.

Hearing, as noticing. Background while doing something else. Listening; a completely different act.

Last week my M and YHC had some down time, kinda.  The holidays often bring us together with others.  So, for about four days we listened to stories of aging parents, broken relationships, challenging children, frustrating jobs, and just not having enough energy, dammit.  We watched the faces and the gestures – the physical display of the emotions attached to those stories.

I caught myself “listening” to one of the pax recently and fell into the Me Too trap.  No, not the #Metoo hub-bub.  This Me Too is, while “listening”, I was thinking about myself, my response, and a potential solution to fix the situation. I allowed myself to be dis-tracted. To not remain on the single tract of listening. I was trying to listen and formulate at the same time. Can’t be done. I was hearing, not listening.

Most of the timethere is a need for the back and forth, the prying apart of sentences for clarity of meaning and exploration. This is something we typically do as part of life.  

Some of the time, our spouses / children / co-workers / etc. need us to stop and serve the profoundly human need to simply be heard.


Not as a problem to be solved or a spirit to be fixed. Listen to the individual worthy of the time and space to be wholly themselves and express that.  A way Mrs. Squirrel and I have figured this out (when we remember) is using the phrase, “May I have your listening?” Yes, the language is a bit odd and maybe that’s why it works.  It throws us off our norm and gives us pause

It is my hope that this back blast will serve all of us working daily to practice the skills needed to navigate life in such a way that we can suffer less and joy more.  

Who are you listening to? Who is listening to you?