Life’s Too Short…not to laugh at yourself

Eight Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Scout, Beano, Poacher, CPT D, Josey, Neo and Vault!

The Scene: Cold…and rarely do great stories ever start, “it was cold today, so I stayed inside”

WarmUp:  SSH, Windmills, Good Mornings, and arm circles

The Thang:    

  • 20 Incline Merkins
  • 30 mountain climbers (pairs)
  • 20 Ranger Merkins
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 (done in three sets of 10) Slow mountain climber cross-overs (left knee to right elbow, right knee to left elbow) In Cadence

Lots of calls for some calf raises, so YHC obliged – 100 calf raises OYO

Mosey around the AO and stop at the Parthajohn

  • 1 Minute Wall Sit as we sang the Sandhills Credo
  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 1 Minute Wall Sit
  • 20 Squat Thrusts

Circle up for some Howling Monkeys.  First person does 10 monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on.  Don’t let go of your ankles!

Mosey around the AO and stop at the wall

  • 20 Right Leg step Ups
  • 30 Left leg step down. Right foot on wall, left toes tap the GND & back up
  • 20 Right Leg step Ups
  • Flapjack

Mosey around the AO and stop at the playground: Bruce Lee

  • 25 American Hammers
    • So the proper start position for an American Hammer does NOT look like a Freddy Mercury start position. As the Pax looked to the Q for direction he was clearly saying one thing and demonstrating another.  After the laughter subsided we began the American Hammers.
  • 25 Reverse Crunch
  • 25 Heels to heaven
  • 25 Freddy Mercury’s
  • 25 WWII Situps

Mosey around the AO and stop at the Tennis Courts for some DORA

  • 100 Hello Dolly’s (partner bear crawled the full three tennis courts and back)
  • 200 Merkins (partner Murder Bunny’s full three tennis courts and back). We waited until CPT D finished his Murder Bunny hops and circled up.

Ran out of time.

  • 300 Flutter Kicks (partner sprints full three tennis courts and back)

Announcements:  Flying Tomato has the lead for Q Source this coming Wednesday – Accountability

Prayer Requests:

  • For Zak K. who is facing another neck surgery after his first didn’t fully address the issues he was having.
  • For Poacher’s friend and savior, literally someone who saved his life, and yet took his own. For him we ask God to grant his friend peace from his inner turmoil. We ask God to comfort those who mourn his loss. Give them strength to face the questions of pain, the guilt and anger, the irreparable loss.  Help us to reach out in love to others who would prefer death to the choices of life. Let us reach them, before they reach their end.

Vault lead us out in prayer

After the prayer Josey provided a great reminder to us all.  That while the workouts are great (funny — no one told me mine was) the fellowship and spiritual fitness was greater!  Seeing another Pax member in and about town and stopping to have a conversation is what makes this group tick.  We care for one another and it shows!



When’s the last time you laughed at yourself?  I mean laughed out loud at the stupid thing you did or thought? 

YHC was taking a stroll on memory lane the other day and thought of our visit to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.  When my M and I planned our trip we had heard about the highest tides in the world at Hopewell Rocks.  Well, my mind conjured up this massive wall of water, a tidal wave per se, coming in from the Atlantic and filling up this bay.  You can understand my disappointment when over a 4-hour period, the tide changed from 3 feet at low tide to over 42 feet at high tide!  Now, that’s a huge change.  But if you’re expecting a colossal, towering wall of water, well you’ll find yourself disillusioned from that vision.   Let me give you an exercise to mimic the “rush” of water; go into your bathroom, stand in the tub and turn on the water….watch it rush up and dover your feet.  Yep, that’s about the speed. ;-). OMG, I’m an idiot ;-). LOL

One time, at band camp….I mean in Bosnia we were leading a Protection Security Detail for General Meigs.  I was the commo guy and designated lead for running route recon.  One rainy day I was full of enthusiasm as we headed out.  Showing off my youthful vigor I found the nearest park bench (no back on it) and as we came toward it I sped up and leapt…so high…so gracefully over the bench.  ½ way over my lagging foot caught the back of the bench on the way over…and face planted on the ground.  I popped back up like nothing happened and spent the rest of the day trying not to laugh about it (and failing).  I could have been embarrassed all day but instead couldn’t stop laughing at my epic fail. 

What if you could relive an embarrassing moment? Turn back time and find a way to laugh our way through it, instead of standing there in utter humiliation, red-faced, embarrassed and flushed.

Laughter is a step toward making a spiritual shift. When I laugh – I feel as if I tell my ego, “that was stupid!” and am able to smile inwardly.  These are the times I feel I’ve just crested a mountain top.

Laugh at the world. Laugh at yourself. It’s so much better than embarrassment, shame, and judgement. After all, my friends, it is the best medicine.  If you can laugh at yourself, you can forgive yourself. And if you can forgive yourself, you can forgive others




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