Nine Pax took the DRP, answered the call this morning, and got better because of it.  

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: FroYo, Mel, CPT D, Chitwood, Moneyball, Colt, Dockers and Josey

Warm Up: SSH, Windmills and Cotton pickers. The majority of us had completed the Principle Ruck and YHC still had his boots on when CPT D commented, “Squirrel looks taller, intimidating with the boots.” Honestly, they do feel a bit tall….

The Thang:  The Pax were just begging to play with the new sandbags, so who was I to get in the way of fun.  Throughout the Thang the pax were to never let your sandbag touch the ground!!  Burpee penalty awaited.

  • 20 Sandbag Shouldering (10 to left, 10 to right)
  • 20 4-count squat IC (1/2 way down, up, all the way down and up)

It was at this Point FroYo brought up the fact that each time the microwave turntable goes around it switches directions …….

  • 20 Merkins (partner puts sandbag on back)….don’t put yours down!
  • 20 Forward bend
  • 20 Left side bend (sandbag in hand) — Dockers led the way here #form 😉
  • 20 Right side bend (other hand)
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Sandbag “get-ups” (Start with sandbag on shoulder, move to center of body, prone, perform a sit up, stand up)
  • 20 Sandbag presses
  • 20 Forward Lunges toward wall (10 L, 10 R, then….
  • 20 LBDs
  • 20 Farmers carry back to COT area


Put the girls away for the day.

Finished up with 20 burpees, 20 WWII situps, 20 Long Slow Flutter IC and 20 American Hammers IC. The final request from the Q was to ask each pax member what they were grateful for today….and each person’s response was awesome. We were grateful for family – for this group of men – for community – for today – for Jesus!

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Prayers for Dockers nephew Chet, Chitwood’s daughter who has come down with the flu that seems to be going around, CPT D’s friend who undergoes surgery for cancer soon.


Some of you have seen the sign/picture that hangs in our home, “there is always – always – always something to be grateful for.”  Tell me that on some days and I’d rather punch you in the nose than hear it.  Gratitude can be difficult, because life is difficult. 

Most of us have heard the platitudes about looking on the positive side of things; “the sun will come out tomorrow”, or “look for the silver lining”, or “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  What if the lemon was not “given” to you, but pelted at you at full speed, with no warning? What if you’re just really tired and YOU DON’T WANT ANY FREAKING LEMONADE RIGHT NOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!?!

Of late I have had a good friend who is working through some challenges. Several life events led to questioning, to doubting, to admonishing himself.  Rather than wallow in life he reframed the poisonous inner-dialogue. He reevaluated his circumstances from; question to curiosity, challenge to possibility, failure to do-over.  What an amazing transformation!

And did he do it?  One (holy) moment at a time.  Research proves it again & again; smiling – even fake smiling – reduces heart rate and blood pressure when you’re stressed.  Instead of fuming over a work or family situation or the traffic you’re sitting in find the gratitude within the situation (There’s no amount of being upset that will make the traffic vanish).  In YHC’s last Moleskine I mentioned phenomena vs. story.  We don’t know what the future holds.  We know what the now holds.  If you must make up a story about the future, make it a good one.  Make it one where you can be grateful for…..something.

The prescription is clear: Make gratitude a practice, despite how you may feel.