Leadership Team

As a team we are light, fast and always either in motion or prepared to move quickly.  We are all about action taken in furtherance of Purpose!

NANTAN – The Q of the Region — It’s his problem and he’s the champion of Sandhills

                       CAPTAIN D

                        Co-Q – VAULT

WEASEL SHAKERs – The man which “shakes the weasels” and makes sure they are all doing what they are supposed to do.


                         Co-Q – GUINNESS

COMZ Qs – These are the men that make sure the Pax stay connected to one another.
Part of what makes F3 work is a dedicated man to keep the drum beating so that Pax have community one with another.


                           Co-Q  – DOS EQUIS

1 st  F Q (Magnet Men) – These are the guys that ensures the smooth running of the AOs.  They make sure that Site Qs are doing their jobs and help to plan and execute 3x CSAUPs annually


                           Co-Q – ARUBA

2 nd  F Q (Glue Boy) – Plan family picnics, Christmas Parties, Coffeeteria, etc. These are the guys who makes the donuts. They attempt to get Pax motivated and excited about
Fellowshipping together.


                               Co-Q – WALDORF

3 rd  F Q (Dr. Dynamite) –  The toughest job we have. These Q’s really understand the
needs and wants of the Sandhills Pax. They plant things from a weekly Bible Study to an open discussion group to a regular community service opportunity for Pax. Their role is the essence of the real mission of F3. Male COMMUNITY Leadership. It’s
ambiguous on purpose, and it makes the biggest IMPACT.


                               Co-Q is OSTERTAG