Lace ’em up…..and a transition to Fall

Wow!  Eleven Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Scene: Fall is coming and so did the rain and it was just sprinkles…not bad

The Pax: Squirrel, Waldorf, CPT D, Flying Tomato, Scout, Quatro, FroYo, MadBum, BowTie, Wrangler and Baby Ruth

Warm Up:  SSH, Grass getters, Side stretch, Quad stretch

Thang ONE:

Group 1 – Run to the Fire Dept and back. Leave no man behind!  

Group 2 AMRAP

  • x20 4-count Heels to Heaven
  • x20 Mountain Climbers


Thang Two:

Group 1 – Run to the Police Dept and back. Leave no man behind!  

Group 2 AMRAP

  • x20 4-count Long Slow Flutter
  • x20 Hand release-release Merkins


Mosey to the big wall for People’s Chair & a 40 count of shoulder presses

To the short wall for some little baby dips….

Announcements:  QSource is gonna start back up after the group finishes the Spiritual Disciplines they are on.  More to follow.  We’ll still do this virtually until it’s safe to gather as a bigger group.

Waldorf spoke wise words to all reminding us how easily this virus spreads.  Keep your distance, wear a mask when and where appropriate and be smart.

Prayer Requests:  Prayers for our brothers Vault, Sprocket and their families as they find themselves in the COVID-19 mess.

MOLESKINE:  Transition into fall

In Late Summer, the activities of Summer start to slow down – unless you’re doing the Iron Pax Challenge.  The plants and trees offer fruit and vegetables that are ripe and plentiful for all us, human and animal.  Nature does this so we can eat well during fall to store up for the winter.

As we break from the heat of summer and breathe deeply in dry, cool air, I’d ask you take this time to remember the past year.  Look critically at what’s gone on: at the good things chosen and at the negative habits and behaviors too.  Fall gives us time to prepare for winter and time to get physically and emotionally prepared for the cold months to come.  You know, get in shape so you can eat more holiday junk.

Take a minute or a day with the M & the kids out on a hike to look at nature and take in purity and beauty.  Sure the pine trees don’t change much, but when you do see a deciduous tree stop and be in wonder of the changing leaves. Nature is showing us what to do!  It’s God’s reminder to us in His subtle ways.  The energy that was so vibrant in the spring and summer are pulled inward in the Fall to ensure the tree lives another cycle.  Without this nutrition at the edge, the leaves begin to fall to the ground so that important nutrients can be redirected to the roots of the trees to be stored for Winter.  The trees show us to let go of that which doesn’t serve us anymore and to refine and purify that which does!

Autumn is it’s time to let go!  It’s time to grieve for something that is ending.  If we hold onto this grief, this anger, this frustration it can potentially cause us to harden and chill and break.  Just like the tree that doesn’t loose its leaves.  When the snow comes it clings easier to the tree with leaves and then it breaks.  Grief isn’t just about regret…it can be, but I’d ask that you look at it as release.  Give it the space and place and the time it needs.  

Take this another step, we can use Fall to rid ourselves of old hurts and resentments. Write them down, the ones that are lingering from what you experience this year. Write each event on a separate piece of paper.  Look them over, cull through what serves (keep it) and what doesn’t and then for those things that are weighing on your soul tear it up.  Take your notes of grief and to a fireplace / pit and hold the images/paper in your hands and speak from the heart about what this represents.  Sure it can be just paper and you know it’s more.  Speak why you need to let “this” go.  Then release that grief/anger/frustration by putting the notes into the flames.  Imagine it eating up and rendering that old, bad energy into nothingness.  Watch the smoke carry it away.  Let it all go. Honor the emotions that might come up and allow this act to give you a sense of moving through the next cycle of life.





As you look over the past year so far what are you harvesting?  What are you grieving?  What can you let go?



PS:  Be smart if you decide to burn.  Pine straw catches fast and let’s not have any gender reveal parties either….seems that just turn out poorly.

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