Jump ropes, the return of Rip, and an FNG – F3 Trifecta


Nice cool crisp morning to get a little better.  10 men took the pill…and decided to get better.  

PAX: Scout, Squirrel, Captain D, Rip, Baby Ruth, Flying Tomato, Mad Bum Bow Tie, and Swanso (FNG)

Q: Waldorf

Warm Up:  lap around the block, followed by arm circles, cotton pickers, and SSH.

The thang:  

Mosey to the park for:

Enter the jump ropes

  • 3 minutes of jumping ropes
  • 1 minute of abs (LBCs, Freddie Mercury, Long Slow Flutter, and American Hammers)
  • 4 total reps

Actual photo of Mad Bum and Tomato NOT jumping rope. 

Headed to corner of the park to do some Dora up and down the hill.  After partners were picked, one went up the hill, while the other started to knock out the following

  • 150 Merkins
  • 200 lunges
  • 300 squats (didn’t get his far)

Headed back to the basketball court for some stretching, announcements, and FNG introduction.

Prayers for Mad Bum’s wife’s uncle, Bow Tie’s mission trip, and there was one more…but I forgot.  I am sorry.

Rip prayed us out (he is a natural).

Great job by all.  Still enjoy watching MadBum try and jump rope.  

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