Judge Judy and the Churham Pax visit the Flagship


12 Pax posted on a humid Saturday morning at the Flagship and got better

Pax – Scout, Dos XX, Mcfly, Captain D, Dockers, Neo, Waterboy, Magic Dragon, Nickleback, FNG Judge Judy, FNG* Rainman, Vault


Warmup Lap followed by IC COP exercises:  10X GM, 30X SSH, 10X WM, 15X AC and Flapjack and 10X Merkins

We then hit the street with the flag for an Indian run to  Calvary Christina school

YHC is nothing if not predictable and so we completed three wall circuits with recovery runs around the pond in between.

Circuit 1 High wall – 14X LBDs, 12X IM, 10X Derkins

Circuit 2 Mid wall – 12x LBDs, 10X IM, 8X Derkins

Circuit 3 short walk – 10x LBDs, 8X IM, 6X Derkins

Next we circled up for 6 MOM: 26X (Thanks to Judge Judy) WWII sit-ups, 15X Dolly, 15X Rosalitas, 15X FM, 50X LBCs

We then slow moseyed a couple of blocks to the field for the Year of the Burpee.

Gassed, the Pax made our way back to start for Brostertag and Superman’s before Nameorama.

Moleskin –

We we’re blessed with three visitors this morning from the Churham Pax who brought two FNGs with them.

Judge Judy was destined to receive a memorable name given his instant and persistent mumble chatter with Captain D and the rest of the Pax.  Rainman picked  the right group to post with for the second time as the Sandhills Pax once again showed a benign spirit for his renaming.

Join us anytime your down our way again brothers.

Good work men!