It’s (not) a trap!

12 Pax assembled in the Outpost gloom for general betterment.

PAX: Roadhouse, Barry, Scout, Flying Tomato, Captain D, Josey, Squirrel, Napalm, Mad Bum, Fix it Felix, Aruba

QIC: Froyo

How André the Giant Was Cast in 'The Princess Bride'

“Give the people what they want,” they say.  I did!  No blocks, no bags, and yes, even no crab walks for Madbum.  The result, a solid beatdown with no accoutrements that involved the following:

A warm up lap, bear crawl the outfield fence length, Cooper routine around America (totalled 55 burpees, merkins, squats), dips, calf raises, and a dozen pull-ups.  If you can struggle through 12, then 10 will be easier the next time!

COT with prayers for Neo and his mom’s treatments, and for a family who recently lost their home in a fire.

Solid effort was expended by all.  Until next time!

It's a Trap!" at the Cross-Section of Memes, Parody, and Fandom Legacy

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