It’s Never Too Last Minute for a Good Beat Down

8 Pax cloistered in the gloom to give and find strength.

PAX: Chitwood, McElroy, Tomato, Scout, Madbum,  Von Trap, Aruba and Froyo.

QIC: Fro to the Yo

Le Thang:

It may have seemed last minute, but QIC jumped at the chance to take the Q, lest elvis merkins make an unsolicited appearance.   Truth be told, QIC also saw it as a chance to give a beatdown to any BRR runners who were looking for their final post prior to the race this weekend.

Warm up consisted of the galactic standard field lap, 25x SSH, 15x Grass Getters WITH the Clap!, 15x Windmills, 25x Goofballs, and 10x slow count Merkins.

Mosey to lower hill to partner up for  Dora. 100x Merkins, 200x squats, 300x LBCs.  Then it was time for Indian Duck walk/jog, up the hill, single file.  A mosey sent the PAX to the closest retaining wall for I.C. incline merkins, 20x, followed by 3 sets of OYO FROYO LBD’s, and one set of 10x derkins.

With an open field before us, we stood shoulder to shoulder.  QIC told the Pax, warmly, that the proceeding exercise would not be what they what think it would be.  We henceforth began lunges across the field.  Nearing halfway, the tall pine cast a long shadow across our path.  New direction – “once you cross the shadow, sprint to the street! ” With excitement, the PAX sprinted like school children chasing a loosed puppy.  Pretty much.

A mosey back to the parking lot led us to 5 minutes o’ Mary, and count-o-rama.

QIC prayed out, with special intercession for Aruba’s face procedure tomorrow, Chitwood’s bride and recent ailments, and for the 27 brave pax who are chanting this week, “the mountains are calling, and I must go.”

Moleskin: Welcome back McElroy to the gloom!  While the PAX heads west this week, I will be headed in the opposite direction, beach bound for fun in the sun with my bride, a Lil Frosty (Magnolia) and some extended fam.  I will remember fondly the PAX who are pushing their bodies to limit, whilst I am making trying to decide, “hair or hair down on the beach?”  So, while I will be consoling myself for not spending the weekend with my favorite men of the Sandhills, I look forward to hearing the wild tales that will emerge, and will certainly be praying for the bond of brotherhood to be stronger than their fatigue, carrying all those runners up and over those unrelenting Blue Ridge Mountains.  Cheers men!