It’s All About the Core … I Said It’s All About the Core

  • Paynehurst 3/22/2019
  • QIC: Bourne
  • PAX: Dockers, Capt D, Stryker, Squirrel, Josey, Aruba, Wrangler, Quatro, Captain Jack, Neo, Colt, Mad Bum, Flying Tomato

14 PAX teamed up to battle the gloom and got better for it.

Warm-up: AO lap with intermittent burpees, 15x IC AC/FJ, 15x IC Imperial Walkers, 15x IC CP


12 minutes every minute on the minute (EMOM)

  • Minute 1: 30x SSH … no, just 30 … singles
  • Minute 2: 10x Burpees … yes, 10
  • Minute 3: 30x 4-ct LBC … bro, it’s supposed to be 4-ct
  • Minute 4: 30x sec handstand hold

12 minutes EMOM

  • 15x Merkins (drop to 10x after 6 rounds … dude, we started doing 10 like 2 rounds ago)
  • 15x Monkey Humpers (ditto)
  • 15x Squats (ditto)

Med Ball (or Rock) 200 … trust your QIC, get a small rock!


Today’s workout format took advantage of some welcomed recovery periods. This came with risk of mumble chatter taking hold and not letting go, which resulted in multiple repeat-o’s from YHC (see Thang above). Luckily, YHC has had plenty of practice with twin 2.0’s and was barely (ok, slightly) phased.

This workout ended purposefully with a challenge to the core. A strong core is critical to a strong body, one that can withstand challenges and adversity. It’s easy to work out the beach muscles and ignore the core. After all, those beach muscles look good in the mirror (and in a smedium t-shirt). But what happens when you ignore your core? Things start to break, and those things you devoted your time to that looked good won’t save you. Such it is with our core belief system. It’s our foundation. It’s what everything else is built upon. But what happens when life throws you a curve ball or punches you in the mouth and those core beliefs weren’t really rooted? But, dang they sure sounded and looked good. Things in our lives start to break down. We need to make sure we routinely set aside time, some quiet time alone, to check our core, and make sure we are built upon strong foundations so that we can endure what life throws at us. It’s all about the core … I said, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CORE.

Great job by this morning, men. Special welcome to Captain Jack of F3 Carpex. Glad to have you.

Bourne sends.

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