Iron Pax Challenge Week 3

Eleven Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Roadhouse, Scout, MadBum, Josey, FroYo, Flying Tomato, Chitwood, Poacher, Neo and CPT D

The Scene: Beautiful….cool, low 60’s

Warm Up:  Had to do it OYO before the beatdown

Total time to complete the workout below.  

Exercise standards:

* Run – Fast as you can

* Merkin – Body in straight line at all times.  Chest to Ground, arms fully extended at the top

* Squat – Weight on heels.  Parallel or below.  Chest forward. Stand straight up. 

The time begins with the start of the first 400m run and ends at the conclusion of the 800m run.  

The Thang:  Week 3 workout is:  Start

  • Run 400m — 100 merkins
  • Run 400m — 90 squats
  • Run 400m — 80 merkins
  • Run 400m — 70 squats
  • Run 400m — 60 merkins
  • Run 400m — 50 squats
  • Run 400m — 40 merkins
  • Run 400m — 30 squats
  • Run 400m — 20 merkins
  • Run 400m — 10 squats
    ***Run 800m***


Total work is 3 miles of running, 300 merkins, and 250 squats.  For the fourth week in a row…..That Sucked!

MOLESKINE: Into the Breach

For the fourth week in a row F3 Sandhills came and did our best in the IronPax Challenge.  Each week you all bring it and it shows.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger

—William Shakespeare, Henry V

September 11th, 2001.  Where were you when you heard the news? YHC was in Bosnia performing Intelligence operations, working and living among the citizens of the various ethnic groups, hunting Persons Indicted For War Crimes (PIFWCs).  We were in the safehouse and I came up on the net to check in. 

“ZR3 you all gotta come back, the twin towers have been hit.”  Coming from a jokester I dismissed the remark.  I followed up with a data burst and got, “Pentagon hit, redirect mission, redeploy.”  We switched from reconnaissance to unconventional warfare and direct action in a matter of hours. There are days I can recall this so vividly.  We spent the next three months finishing and handing over our mission in Bosnia, came back to North Carolina to be told we were headed to Afghanistan in a month.  Ahhh, the sounds of Russian landmines blowing up constantly due to the pressure of the earth freezing or waking to the smell of burning sh*t.  Some smells you just don’t forget. 😉  The other 18 hours was lived between the rush of adrenaline when planning and preparing for the next objective and sheer boredom. 

I figured I’d commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 by dredging up some good memories from these trips downrange. Good memories of good kids. Looking back, they will always be kids.

Like the team as we prepared to hit a compound outside of Shkin.  Blasting Whitesnake, emptying cans of Red Bull and Rockstar. Pumping themselves up for a midnight snatch-and-grab. Fight like we trained. Helo landing and four hours later with 20+ handcuffed prisoners.  The Team Leader reporting “No dead.”  Angels were on our shoulders.

Another friend, face peppered with shrapnel, leg busted from the wall we climbed over fell—whose hand I held. Who smiled before surgery and said “The girls. They’ll like the limp, right?”

Like a fellow non-com beside me on some God-forsaken stretch of land when a rocket hissed and ka-whomfed into the hillside so close I felt the heat. “JA-Sus!” he said in a twang, a smile across his sunburnt face. “It’s like they’re mad at us or something.”

Yes men, we face challenges – all of us.  We wake in the morning to face the battles that lie before us.  Leading our families, breaking bad news at work, facing the nay-sayers…whatever the day brings.  And it’s once more into the breach, once more.  Let each of us be willing to step into that breach, whatever it is, being a bit more prepared because; we know we have friends that will come in right alongside us, as we Get Right, Live right and Lead Right.




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